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    A courtesan is a lady to treasure,
    For she will bring you so much pleasure,
    To respect these ladies is a must,
    For in private they will show you true lust,

    Out in public so classy and refined,
    To be taken out wined and dined,
    A true beautiful lady on your arm,
    They are blessed with true charm,

    In private you will bend to her will,
    All your desires she will for fill,
    The look like pure heaven to me,
    And once their naked in heaven you’ll be,

    For they know exactly what to do,
    To please and satisfy every part of you,
    Be sure to show respect and return the favour,
    For their lips, bodies and pussy have a tasty flavour,

    Remember to give and not just receive,
    And they will make sure you never want to leave,
    They are all such visions of desire,
    They will surely set your heart on fire.

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