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    It’s imperative that you’re courteous, flirtatious, respectful and romantic upon meeting a Courtesan and continue that amiable demeanor throughout negotiations and during your party. It’s ridiculous and intolerable to become irritable, antagonistic, disrespectful, arrogant, demanding, violent or hostile or project a harassing or sexist attitude in a brothel, since you are there to make love not fight. If you’re obnoxious you will be classified an a$$hole resulting in an a$$hole tax.

    If you plan to party, do not drink alcohol since lovemaking and booze don’t mix and your party will not meet expectations. If you’re not under the influence of alcohol or drugs during your party you will enjoy it much more since your body is more sensitive and you will be a better and gentler lover for your Lady. Excessively drinking alcohol or liquid courage to settle your nerves before making love is a bad idea, since it simply doesn’t work. If you feel nervous or apprehensive, confide in your Courtesan and she’ll be able to calm you without drugs or alcohol.

    Courtesan Saphire Rae said, “I will admit, I have an a$$hole tax. If a client is hyper demanding, very needy etc., he pays more. But if a guy is relaxed and just wants a good time or repeats, I will either throw in extras or more time.
    I answer my emails, but only once a day. I hate it if you don’t get right back to a guy he gets all butt hurt and starts whining, that gets you the a$$hole tax.”


    I suppose many find it counterintuitive that one ought to be nice to one’s courtesan. This is a failure of logic as much as it is one of compassion, and I suspect the flawed logic goes something like the following:

    “In my normal life, I physically and/or socially unpleasant enough to prevent me from sexual relations most, if not all, of the time. Even if this isn’t the case, I must behave in ways I would not care to order to have sexual relations. Paying for sex essentially means that I have also paid for the right have sex with my chosen lady and let whatever shortcomings would normally repel women like water on a freshly waxed car hood flow freely from me. Every misogynistic instinct, failure of hygiene, control of temper and other negative emotions, all that stuff is stuff she is paid to suffer with a smile all while giving me quality service.”

    Okay, here’s the flaw in that plan. Try paying anyone in any context you’d like for a service. Automotive, legal, medical, whatever you like. Be as big a dick as you feel entitled to be. Would you do this? Would it make any sense to do this? Well, a legal courtesan is just another professional you have hired to perform a service, only the service is more rarified, more desirable, and done in a contest of most profound vulnerability. Gratitude, humanity, and respect are owed to a legal courtesan because she’s doing something for you that you rarely find in an uncomplicated, high-quality, and clearly available form.


    Charina Lee

    Wow, Firefighter and Frank, I have so much respect for you both. How about your sitting at a bar and not only are you paying for your drinks, but your tipping the sexy bartender big bucks. Does that mean she’s now fair game to swear at, insult, and otherwise act like a total arrogant moron. That’s one big sensitivity I have. If someone wants to pay me in order to abuse me in ANY way, then they most likely are truly like that in their daily life. Money is not worth being with a total jerk! I have a “jerk” tax….You act like a jerk and that’s what you’ll be doing to yourself! Get it?


    Charina Lee


    Dear Charina,
    I’ve witnessed that extremely vulgar conduct at Sheri’s Sports Bar by a few Pahrump locals who regularly drink to excess (plus occasionally other arrogant and intoxicated brothel clients and bar patrons). The drunker they became, the more frequent the “F” bombs and other offensive vocabulary. It got to the point they weren’t even making sense and the word was being used completely out of context. The bartender managed to ignore them as much as possible. I believe she knew their routine, so she probably figured they would leave soon; however, I believe security should have asked them to be polite or leave, since they were out of control being disrespectfully loud and boisterous. They weren’t harassing anyone, but they were totally obnoxious. They were actually driving other respectable customers off. Of course they probably assumed they were amusing, but they were under the influence and didn’t know what effect they were having on other customers, Courtesans, the hostess and bartender. In addition, I don’t believe they cared, since they were cool. There’s no excuse for exceptionally rude, profane and disgusting behavior when Ladies are present.
    P.S. Now we have “asshole” and a “jerk” taxes for despicable patrons! Maybe management should put up a sign warning people they may be taxed for “dickhead” behavior, lol! Hey, that’s the third tax, the “dickhead” tax, lol!

    Charina Lee

    Dearest Firefighter; An old style sign from the days of the west should be made and prominently displayed!
    1. Asshole Tax
    2. Jerk Tax
    3. Dickhead Tax
    4. Dingleberry Tax
    5. Dipshit Tax
    6. Ass-Clown tax

    Now we have to define each one and figure out what the tax will be!!!!!

    Many times locals come in to drink and stare and that’s as far as it goes. It’s great when locals support the place, but as in life, there are always a special few that will always deserve….THE TAX!

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