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    I am concerned about the women who are not available. I know that some of them have retired, quit, or transferred to other brothels. But, I would like to know if some of them do come back to Sheri’s Ranch after a few months or years.

    I looked at a profile of a woman named Kayleigh Pierce. She is really attractive. If I can think of a current courtesan who almost looks like her, I would probably say Cassie. I do like some women who are tall, have short blonde hair, and wear nice, feminine but appropriate clothes. Kayleigh Pierce is one of them.

    If I make a request to see Kayleigh Pierce at Sheri’s Ranch, would she be available?

    Hopefully, there is no problem showing these three pictures I downloaded and uploaded on this post.


    I had an incredible time with Kayleigh Pierce back in September 2009. I was in Las Vegas for a bachelor party and somehow ended up at Sheri’s Ranch. It was my first experience at a brothel, and I was blown away by the girl. I’m pretty sure she has not been back to SR after 2009.


    It a good idea to only peruse “This Week’s Sheri’s Ranch Lineup” http://www.sherisranch.com/lineup.aspx, or “Scheduled Ladies Coming Soon Lineup” http://www.sherisranch.com/comingsoon.aspx.

    The Ladies profiles that are accessed by specific name search, but aren’t scheduled are usually very rare appearing Courtesans. http://www.sherisranch.com/search-ladies.aspx

    It’s really difficult for management to persuade an unscheduled Courtesan to accommodate a new client for one party especially if she lives out of state. She may arrive and after their introductory meeting the client may decide that they want to party with another Lady instead; this Courtesan who made a special trip has to pay her transportation and lodging expenses but wouldn’t earn any income if a party didn’t materialize. Sheri’s Ranch usually doesn’t require party deposits, and sometimes clients are no shows too. A Courtesan would have to initiate a complete work schedule to make it feasible.

    A rarely appearing Courtesan who lives nearby may sometimes appear for a single repeat client appointment, but it usually won’t happen if the client and Courtesan have never met.

    I made a special appointment a few years ago through Madam Dena with Courtesan Kate by Fate who lived nearby, but she knew me personally and I guaranteed her two bungalow parties over two days.


    So, Kayleigh has been gone for 5 years.

    Well, I am pretty sure that she has moved on to another career and probably has a husband and kids.

    That is good for her.

    But, I would like to find a courtesan who looks like her.

    I like women who are blonde, thin, and tall.

    You were lucky to have an amazing experience with her, adrenaline. I think that I am jealous.


    I think that Kayleigh Pierce is at the adult entertainment club called the Mitchell Brothers.


    I would like to visit her at that place. There is something special about her. Or maybe it is just that I find her very attractive.

    I hope that another woman who resembles Kayleigh Pierce joins Sheri’s Ranch sooner or later.

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