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    I have a couple of questions that may sound rather strange. Both involve the “penis inspection” which I understand is required by law in Nevada…

    The first is, if you don’t plan on doing any “sexually related” activities with the courtesan (let’s say, all you want is to cuddle or a regular massage or BDSM), is the “penis inspection” (and for that matter, wearing condoms) still necessary and required by Nevada law?

    The second (which I guess depends on the answer given to the first question) is, if a client for whatever reason “fails” the penis inspection, does that exclude him from all activities with the courtesan, or just the sexual related activities?



    I would think a party with no sexual activity does not require that check.


    1lovekristi, somewhat related to your second question. See below if you haven’t seen this thread:




    Anthony referred to a thread relating to another client not passing a DC which is excellent pertinent information concerning your question.

    It’s difficult to answer a hypothetical question without knowing all the details. If a client hasn’t been given a DC, then he hasn’t failed it but he hasn’t passed it either. Sheri’s Brothel is in the business of sex parties, so it is standard operating procedure for a client to pass a DC. There are some Sheri’s independent contractor professional Courtesans that will not offer any type party for a man that hasn’t passed a DC because they only provide sex parties.

    Requiring a client to have a DC for a non-sex party is up to the discretion of the individual independent contractor professional Courtesan. It really depends on the type of party a client desires; if a client simply wants to converse with a Courtesan without sex or removing their clothes, then some Courtesans offer that type party. I recommend that you “Send a Message” to the Courtesan of your choice and inform her of the type party in which you’re interested and the details concerning your reluctance to have a DC performed. If a Courtesan feels comfortable performing a traditional massage (not a happy ending or NURU massage) on a client that hasn’t completed and passed a DC then it’s a possibility. However, that Courtesan may insist that her panties not be removed during the non-sex party.

    You may peruse the Courtesans’ profiles to find Ladies that stimulate your interest and “Send a message” to them. The regularly appearing Sheri’s Ladies are posted on the following lineups:
    Sheri’s Ranch Weekly Lineup: http://www.sherisranch.com/lineup.aspx and
    Scheduled Ladies coming soon: http://www.sherisranch.com/comingsoon.aspx

    Also, clients may perform “Search Ladies by what she caters to” or “Search Ladies by Date Range” at hyperlink http://www.sherisranch.com/search-ladies.aspx

    Charina Lee

    Hi. I have had clients that were looking for great conversation, questions and answers about sex, life, happiness, etc. It’s amazing how much teasing can occur safely and with some clothes on and no real contact.

    Remember, great sex is more about the mind than the body!



    Thank you so much for the help :-)!

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