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    Dex’s Newbies Guide…

    The game is simple: The ladies are there to sell you a service and make a decent living in the process. You are there to purchase said service and have a good time in the process. You have a budget to work within, and they have a certain amount they want. So the art of negotiation is going to happen here. For the most part we – as clients – can’t control how much expendable income we have on a given vacation. Unless you are a politician that sets his own salary or independently wealthy you have a limit. Everyone’s limit is different and therefore the range of what people spend on a party is very drastic. Therefore, certain truths exist:

    1. NOTHING in this world is free. NEVER forget that rule.

    2. REASONABLE offers are not going to be refused. Are you going to get a Benz for the price of a Pinto? No… of course not… so don’t expect to get an ‘over-nighter’ for the price of ‘quickie.’ In other words use common sense when deciding what to ask for with the budget you have.

    3. There are certain things you can do to help maximize how far your dollar goes. We shall discuss that next.

    Some of these rules are going to seem silly – but trust me – I’ve seen what happens when people don’t do this and it isn’t pretty. Some folks need to be told these things – which is sad. So for those that read this and say “I KNEW that”… believe me… some people don’t.

    1. BE NICE! Nothing will get you further than being nice, fun, and approachable. Most of the ladies are young and enjoy a good time – so show them one. This is one place where a nice guy (or girl) can finish first. Here’s an example: During my first trip to Nevada I spent a lot of time at a certain house. I heard a few of the girls talking about craving an ‘In-N-Out Burger.” Because in some parts of the state ladies aren’t able to leave the house while working so they can’t go get one. So… one day… I bought twenty of them and took them out to the house for the girls. It didn’t cost me much or take up a lot of time and they appreciated the gesture. You’re in a bar so offer to buy a drink for the lady. Enjoy some conversation – treat her like you would a date. You are far more likely to get the so often coveted ‘girl friend experience’ in her bedroom if you provided a ‘boyfriend experience’ in the bar. It’s human nature folks.

    2. BE CLEAN! Dousing yourself in cologne doesn’t count. Get intimate with a razor and a tooth brush. Oh… and when bathing… that wash cloth is for you to scrub your body with preferably anti-bacterial soap – all the crevices, cracks, and pink places. Think about what you want to do with her, and make sure she doesn’t mind doing it. If you have a beard, make sure it’s trimmed and presentable. I also use shampoo and conditioner on my goatee to keep it soft but that’s just me. One thing I do as well, I usually carry what I affectionately call my ‘trick kit’ with me. It’s a small bag of toiletries and condoms in the event that I need to freshen up or if I need ‘supplies.’ Never hurts to be prepared.

    3. BE PATIENT! The girls see a lot of clients and the bar gets busy, but they will get to you. You need to calm down and relax. If you drink an alcoholic beverage (liquid courage) use it in moderation, but DO NOT become intoxicated. Many Courtesans limit their alcohol intake, so it’s advisable to follow their lead since most women don’t want to make love to a drunk.

    4. HAVE FUN! Do you know anybody that wants to have sex with a boring or obnoxious person? No? Neither do I.

    5. BE POLITE: Even if the girl talking to you isn’t your type and you have no intention of partying with her, it doesn’t hurt to talk. If she asks you to go back, just politely say “actually I don’t think I’m ready yet, but thank you for offering.” Remember, the girls talk. If you decide to be a jerk to one of them because you think she was ‘too pushy’ or ‘not my type’ or whatever, the other ladies don’t hear your side of it. They hear that you were an ass. This extends to the staff as well. If you’re impolite you may be assessed an a$$hole tax.

    6. DRIVE YOURSELF: If at all possible, drive yourself. I’m going to leave it at that and simply remind you that nothing in this world is free.

    Ok… so now you got the basics down and you know how to maximize your money. You’ve driven out and walked in – so NOW WHAT? Read on….

    At most places, you have the choice of picking a girl in two different ways… a line-up or in the bar. I have done both and will now describe the process of each.

    Line Up
    In most houses, the line up starts with you sitting on the couch in the parlor and the shift manager, hostess or madam explains the process I’m about to outline. They will tell the ladies to come out and the girls will enter and stand in a line facing you on the couch. One by one they will introduce themselves. When they are finished, the hostess will ask you which lady you would like to talk to and you will point her out. The shift manager will put you with that girl and dismiss the rest of the ladies. Your lady will then walk you back to her room for the negotiations to begin. If for whatever reason negotiations don’t work out, the lady will walk you back to the bar where you are free to meet another Courtesan. If you want a tour the girl gives you a tour where she determines if you are just looking for a tour at that moment or you are ready to party. There is NO PRESSURE on the tour but tips are appreciated. A Courtesan gave me my tour the first time I was at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch and she couldn’t have been any more laid back.

    The line-up is loved by some, but avoided by others. I’m not a fan of it personally, because I need to feel like I know the girl before I can have sex with her. That’s just me. I can’t just ‘get it up’ on a whim because the girl with me is hot. I like to make sure I ‘click’ with the girl (make a connection or establish romantic chemistry), and you just don’t know from a line-up if that’s going to happen since you only see the pretty package. The line-up is also very intimidating because all the ladies are looking right at you and you have to make a decision.

    Still, the line up does possess certain advantages in that all the ladies in a brothel that aren’t currently in a party will be available for you to pick, whereas in the bar the lady might be otherwise engaged with someone and unavailable to you. Since I go for extended stays, this is never a problem for me as sooner or later the girl I’d like to talk to will be available. If a specific lady isn’t sitting in the bar you can ask the hostess if she’s available.

    One word of advice: Don’t try to remember all the girls’ names. You can’t do it. Find the one you think to be the most desirable and want to pick, and remember HER name. That way, you can ask for her by name instead of the awkward ‘point-and-describe-because-I-don’t-know-her-name’ method employed by those that didn’t bother to read this post.

    The Bar, Restaurant and Parlor
    The bar/restaurant is just that – a bar and restaurant. It’s a social environment where you can have a few cocktails and meet some new people. Sheri’s Ranch’s Sports Bar & Restaurant is a locals’ favorite and the prices are very reasonable. You can play pool with the Courtesans since it’s a good icebreaker. You may build a connection or romantic chemistry may blossom during your conversation and decide this is the lady for you. For a ‘wall flower,’ the bar can be a bit tough… but if you are at least friendly, the girls will approach you. If you are shy, I do suggest telling a lady that when she comes up to you. This way, she doesn’t think you are being rude or ignoring her. Trust me, and I will repeat this several times, honesty is your best bet in a brothel.

    If you find a girl you like and ‘click’ with, ask her if she would be interested in going back to her room to talk. Notice how I said that. Don’t assume she wants to go anywhere with you. Don’t mistakenly assume ‘it’s her job’ to take you anywhere. She’s not a slave, she has a choice, so be a gentleman and give her that choice. Chances are if you’ve been the nice, charming guy that I’ve mentioned, she wants to go back to her room with you.

    So by either line-up or bar, you’ve met your lady and begun the long walk to her room. Once there, the negotiation begins.

    First, let me remind you that the rules don’t end here. In other words, you should still be nice and charming and all those things. Don’t put on a poker face and be an ass because you are talking about money now. Always maintain a friendly demeanor and make her comfortable. Most women enjoy a respectfully flirtatious and romantic man who makes her laugh. Women don’t like abusive men so it’s a good idea to never display anger; after all, you’re there to make love and not fight. There are a lot of ways to negotiate. All I can do is tell you my way of doing things.

    A word about money
    It is illegal for a lady to quote you a price over the Internet. The only place she can do that is back in her room… Period. Exact amounts of money are also a rather taboo subject online… Even giving a ‘range’ is frowned upon. The reality is don’t expect somebody to quote you a price. And even if they do there are so many factors that control a price it’s hard to say if you could get it or not. I will not quote you a price but I will tell you this, I’m not whale, I’m not independently wealthy, nor do I make gobs of money. Once a year I plan trips that I save for, and then I go out and have a good time. The point I’m making is that I have been able to have a really good time over the years… and I’m not a high roller. You can spend $$$, $$$$, or $$$$$ depending on what you are asking for and your attitude.

    What sets the price?
    The ladies are independent contractors and set their own rates. Most houses do have a house minimum which is generally in the low hundreds.

    What controls the price you get quoted is made up of a lot of factors.

    – Which menu items you request.

    – Party duration or time limit.

    – Which girl you choose.

    – How she happens to feel that day.

    – The amount of traffic through the door.

    – Your attitude.

    – How you treated her.

    – And a whole host of other factors…

    There’s no rhyme, reason, or explanation to it. Don’t expect to find a price list. Don’t expect to understand why one lady is willing to do it for $$$ while the other refuses to do it for less than $$$$.

    Down To Business
    Negotiations often get tricky because you and the lady are trying to juggle both price and activity. I don’t do that. I tell the lady what I want, and what I have to spend. I always give her my maximum number that I’m willing and able to spend. I don’t low ball her on price. Again, honesty is king. I say to her: “I’m not a high-roller… I’ll tell you that now. This is what I have to spend, and this is what I would like to do. Is that something we can do?”

    By doing this, money is no longer the object. It’s now an issue of what you can get for that amount. If she can meet the number, she will. If she can’t, she may suggest something else you could do with that amount. I’ve only been price walked one time in all honesty, I admit to low balling that girl a bit only because I had not intended on partying with her and she insisted on negotiating anyway. In the rest of my party experiences, my offer has been answered with “ok… sounds good… let’s get the money and check you” (DC).

    When you get that sign, count out the money and give it to her. I like cash, but most places do take plastic.

    THE “DC”
    After you give her the money, she will want to check your ‘package’ to make sure you don’t have any obvious signs of disease. These things would include open sores, seepage, puss, or various other signs of infection. Trust me – the process is quick and painless and not quite as awkward as you would think it would be. One thing I have noticed about this is the girls I’ve been with tend to compliment the fact that I do a little ‘manscaping.’ In other words, trim your hairs… she doesn’t want hair in her mouth any more than you do.

    After the ‘dick check’ is complete she will leave the room to go book the party with the house. It takes several minutes. When she returns, your party begins and you have the time of your life.

    That’s it folks, that’s all there is to it. There are just a few other points I want to mention:

    1. Condoms are mandatory!

    2. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS ask a girl what her rules are in the bedroom. Don’t assume she’s cool with everything. As a general rule, most ladies would rather you don’t perform oral on them, don’t kiss, and keep your fingers outside her body. But again, don’t assume. I usually ask in the negotiation. This way, if I hear something I don’t like, I can bail.

    3. Common adult industry sex terms: http://sex-in-nevada.net/smforum/index.php/topic,3250.0.html

    4. Remember my words… they can help you!

    Sheri’s Ranch Courtesans:
    Weekly Lineup (current): http://www.sherisranch.com/lineup.aspx

    Scheduled Ladies (coming soon): http://www.sherisranch.com/comingsoon.aspx

    Search Ladies by Date Range, Search Ladies by Name, or Search by specific services for Courtesans that cater to certain party types. http://www.sherisranch.com/search-ladies.aspx

    Stumpy Wexford

    Thanks, Firefighter. This was helpful. I was going to do the limo thing until I read this. I really want as much of my cash to go to the ladies as possible. And the “manscaping” tip, good call, thanks.

    Charina Lee

    Wow, soooooo much useful and accurate information and so helpful. Being NICE, clean, polite, is so important. Nice doesn’t mean you have to be an outgoing person. One can be very shy and still very nice!


    I love this post because it definitely breaks down step by step. This is such a useful information not just for newbie clients but also for newbie courtesans to review from as well. I almost feel that this could even be printed into a “Sheri’s Brothel Virgin Manual” or an “Sheri’s FYI” pamphlet 😉


    What a great post! This is so helpful, even for us Ladies when it comes to explaining how rates and negotiations work. I’m definitely going to reference your post to my potential clients. This will help give a very clear idea to potential partiers about the process and what to expect. Thanks, Firefighter!



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    Hey…I remember writing this!

    I thought the thing was long gone! Good to see it’s still around. Thanks for keeping me relevant, Firefighter!



    Dex! You came back! It’s about DAMN time!


    Who knew, right? The reports of my retirement from LPIN were grossly over exaggerated.


    You’re welcome and thank you for taking the time to write it! It’s a very good newbies’ reference guide. I believe it’s better than “What should every newbie know?” by Charles 1976 on SIN. Also, your guide is posted on SIN too. There’s an abundance of good information included in your guide, so newbies aren’t at a total loss when first visiting a brothel.


    I guess after 11 years of doing this I’m an old hand at it….who knew?


    LOL. “Old hand”? You’re “old” everything. Dude, you’re just old….


    I object to that…..I am ‘aged’….like wine.


    Hmm I prefer that or maybe “seasoned”.


    Hahahaha! Flint, other people are “seasoned”. Dex is “aged” like vinegar.


    …you know, I think I’m going to do an updated, new and improved guide.


    Looking forward to reading your updated guide….

    Dr. Who

    Wow, a blast from the past! The return of Dex to the Sheri’s forum!

    Cronos, we need to get that “old man” Dex back to the ranch again. 😉 I’m sure his favorite barstool has gotten cold, since he hasn’t been to Sheri’s in ages …LOL


    ….That bar stool should be bronzed, dammit!


    Why only bronze, Dex?


    ….cause I wear the ‘gold’ around my waist. Brothel Champion right here! 😀

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