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    Sometimes when you’re nervous or don’t quite know how something works you take the easiest option. I say, please don’t do this!!

    I am talking about coming into the Ranch and doing a lineup. Believing that doing a lineup is the best way to find your partner is just wrong. Where is the chemistry? Where is the connection? If you can feel that from 20 feet away, I guess more power to ya, but I don’t believe it can happen.

    But you say…well, when I got to the Ranch I didn’t see you in the bar Montana so I had to call a lineup to try to find you. Not how things are supposed to work.

    If I am not in the bar, please speak up. Most of our hostesses are new and are still trying to find the best way to communicate with you. Don’t let nerves or politeness keep you from creating the best possible sexual endeavor when you visit. Come find me…if you don’t see me, ask for me please.

    But if you know you are coming in beforehand, send me an email and we can get the juices flowing before your adventure even begins. Who doesn’t enjoy a week or two of increasing sexual arousal before the actual playtime? Yummy!!


    Building chemistry and feeling like you know your lover before hand is the best part of coming to a brothel. Our ladies are amazing, get to know them first. Bet you didn’t know Montana is a hunter when she’s not living out her sexual adventures at Sheri’s. Send her an email…


    I’m glad to hear that making contact electronically is welcome before one enters the doors of Sheri’s and other places like Sheri’s.

    I’m with the mindset that it can enhance the in person contact more than it can hurt it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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