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    John Blue Bra

    I just wanted to share my review of my time with Erin and Olivia. I have also posted this review to both Erin’s and Olivia’s review pages.

    On my first visit to Sheri’s just last night. I had the privlege of partying with both Erin and Olivia. Originally, I had planned for one woman and made an appointment with Erin. I was debating between Erin and Olivia, but Erin’s red hair ended up being the deciding factor. By a wonderful circumstance and at the suggestion of Erin, Olivia was able to join Erin and I. This experience was truly a dream come true and quite possibly the best night of my life. I ended up being with them for a couple of hours and truly had the time of my life.

    The orignal negotiation was quick and easy, I had no idea going in what this would be like. Being that this was my first time, I was so nervous, I could barely talk. Erin made me feel alot more comfortable and within jut a couple of minutes I was completely relaxed.

    Both Erin and Olivia have such beautiful bodies, amazingly soft smooth skin and fantastically squeezable butts (I thought I was more of a breast man, but apparently I really like butts also). I could not get enough of caressing their skin, bodies, breasts, and butts.

    The first hour was dedicated to strap-on play, light verbal humiliation, me going down on Erin, and me dressed in one of my favorite bras (yes, I love wearing lingerie, especially in front of beautiful women), just wish I had not forgotten to bring other lingerie). Both Mistress Olivia and Erin were totally into my wearing lingerie ( I totally understand this is not for all men but you do not have to be afraid to dress even when going to Sheri’s). Both Mistress Olivia and Erin loved my bra and also wished I had worn more lingerie. Mistress Olivia was very kind to me with the strap-on, since I did not have much experience with this, but once I was ready she really took charge. It was while Mistress Olivia was really fucking me good with the strap-on that I went down on Erin and wow a wonderful experience. Both Mistress Olivia and Erin were amazing. Mistress Olivia is an absolutely wonderful Dom (this was my first time with a Dom). I hope (and believe) that Mistress Olivia was pleased with Erin and I as submissives. By the time, the hour was over I did not want it to stop, so we decided to go for another. We all agreed that next time (you better believe that there will be a next time), we are going to do a bit of a lingerie fashion show and a repeat of Olivia fucking me while i am going down on Erin.

    The second hour was the three of us together on the bed. Starting out with me sucking and licking on Olivia’s wonderful breasts and Erin giving me a fantastic blow job. Then when Erin starting riding me I thought I was losing my mind it felt so good. Olivia and Erin changed places and I was sucking and licking Erin’s wonderful breasts, she starting slapping my face with them and Olivia was giving me another fantastic blow job. I ended up getting so excited I had to have them stop. For the remainder of the time, we just laid in bed, the two of them on either side of me talking and I just could not stop carressing their skin and amazing butts. I also discovered waht an amazing smile Erin has, I was almost hipnotized by it.

    I think I truly got the best from both Olivia and Erin. Mistress Olivia shinned the first hour and Erin was equally amazing the second. Both were fantastic both hours, it was each hour catered more one than the other.

    When I went, I had no clue how much I would be spending (and will not reveal here), but what I can say is if/when you go to Sheri’s remember you are treating yourself and it is money well spent.


    John blue, thanks for that party review. I appreciate the extar details. I would not have thought to includer Olivia with a party with Erin(whom i must party with someday).

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