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    I will be visiting in the next few weeks and I have never done this before but am looking for my ultimate fantasy Asian 3some.

    Can any ladies give me suggestions on who would be best. Or can people who have been before or done this give suggestions. I would like to message the ladies first and talk about stuff since I am very nervous!!!


    You are looking for a party with yourself and two other Asian ladies? if so look at the Asian ladies who will be at the Ranch when you are expecting to be there. Spell out explicitly what you would want to happen, party duration, etc, and your budget. Also ask each lady if she would suggest another lady for the threesome.


    Some other information that may be helpful

    Use the “Lady’s by date” filter under the LADYS tab to see who will be there when you plan to be there. Take some time check out profiles. Especially the menus (threesomes) (group) and so forth.

    As Flint said discuss the date you plan to be there, your expectations in detail and choices for the 2nd lady with the ladies that you plan to party with, through email (in Profiles) or better yet twitter messaging. You can get a fairly complete list of Twitter accounts from the Blog “Blog home>Escorts>Escorts on Twitter”. The ladies can only email while they are there so it can be hard to get ahold of them if they are not currently at the ranch.

    Read “Dex’s guide for Newbies” it has a lot of great “timeless” information that really helped me.

    Relax and have fun. Don’t treat it as a check box. The ladies are very sweet and very attractive. They are very good at making newbies feel comfortable. I was really nervous in the beginning; it was my first visit too. I had an incredible time and it was worth the time planning and money spent.


    Rick added alot more than my tired self did. I think the have fun comment is the most important.


    Hi Collin,
    I would search the ladies by date and see who is going to be here the week you are planning on coming to the ranch. Based off that, you could email a few ladies and get to know them. Then by the time you get here, you will already have built a relationship with the ladies you want to have some fun with!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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