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    Go to Nevada to find the best,
    Once you do you’ll forget the rest,
    Ladies so supple and so sweet,
    Lovely ladies you’ll be glad to meet,

    All so different yet all so perfect,
    Not meeting them you’ll regret,
    One girl two three or four,
    Once you visit you’ll be back for sure,

    They’re job is tough but smile they do,
    All just so they can please you,
    To release your stress and tension,
    Even during the dick inspection,

    Take them a gift and treat them right,
    They will show you pure delight,
    Make them laugh make them sigh,
    Just don’t you dare make them cry,

    For these are ladies and deserve respect,
    They’re satisfaction don’t neglect,
    They will make you smile it’s a sure bet,
    Especially if you take your time and get them wet.

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