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    I’ve always loved vocabulary. Always enjoyed the simple pleasure of discovering a word that perfectly describes something you want to express. Finding fancy, pretty sounding words that make usually inappropriate comments sound tasteful?…Well that’s just pure gold!

    Case in point is my reigning favorite word: callipygian or callipygious ( pronounced like pigeon or religious)…As in, “Damn! I hate it when Char leaves me, but when she walks away you KNOW she’s callypigous!!”

    I’ll save you the trouble of looking it up:

    You’re welcome, and enjoy! 😉

    Also – Hey Char!! :))


    Amber Lynn

    I too have an affinity for words! There is nothing sexier then someone possessing an extensive lexicon! We should create a word of the day, to edify the world, help everyone find fancy, pretty sounding words that make usually inappropriate comments sound tasteful!


    Atta-girl Amber! A daily (or whenever the mood strikes) word thread would be great! It was kinda what I was going for anyhow, without actually saying it…just sort of hoped it would evolve into that. (So I guess that makes Amber = Instant Evolution?! 😉 )

    Another word I thoroughly enjoy is: aplomb
    Someone I adore will toss that out in conversation occasionally and it always makes me smile. I love what it means, I love the way it’s pronounced, that it sounds a like cross between a fruit and an explosive device… excellent word!

    OK gang, I’m up two words now…whatchya got?


    Automatic Slim



    I definitely like this idea.. I am a sucker for learning new words and knowing how to use them properly in my everyday vocabulary.. Here goes:
    Auspicious: Conducive to success; favorable. Giving or being a sign of future success..

    Eva M

    I love the idea of fun with words! I must admit I prefer dirty, naughty, kinky or sexy words. Words that get my imagination going on all the things I’d like to do and have done when behind closed doors. With that said, I contribute: Sexcapade

    Noun 1. sexcapade – a sexual escapade; an illicit affair.


    She felt lauded by their enthrallment.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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