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    Do you remember that “First Time” with a new lover? The passion, desire, and sexual tension…

    I find the newness to be incredibly exciting and love to see the response my touch has upon my lover’s body. To watch as your erection grows (maybe your clit swells), your nipples harden, and your breathing quickens makes my pulse race! I want to try to take you to the edge of over-stimulation to ensure an experience that not only satisfies your body but becomes a memory that can be recalled whenever an erotic fantasy is desired.

    Are there other visual responses during sex that anyone has found exciting during naked playtime?

    the 3rd degree

    I’m literally suprised, no, shocked, that no one has given a response to this. But I’ll dive in first…

    In my mind, it’s the look in your lover’s eyes that makes me stimulated more so. The physical part is just an after-effect, but the way both parties look into each other’s eyes, locked in to each other’s pleasure & stimulation, working together to reach a satisfying conclusion, no matter how long it takes…sorry, dipped out for a second…

    I’m more a sound guy, but I found this is what I experienced in my recent encounters. Hope this answers, in some abstract way, your question & maybe get more responses.

    The 3rd Degree


    This is a difiicult question to answer since it is an integrated experience.


    I’ll never forget it. To be loved back like I never had been before was totally transformational. It lifted my soul, confidence, and passionate desire to a place I didn’t know existed. And, I think the next time will be greater than the first, especially so for my lover.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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