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    It has been a long while since I’ve visited Sheris and I think its time to show my face so to speak. I see a lot of new faces and am looking for a great GFE or maybe something different. And would love some input as to what lady?



    The lady you party with is really up to you. Most ladies offer a fantastic GFE party. If you want to get to know the ladies’ personalities a little better it can be good to come into the Sheri’s Ranch bar. There you will be able to chat with different ladies to see who you get along with.


    It’s prudent to discuss the term “GFE” with your Courtesan, since “Girlfriend Experience” doesn’t really mean anything specific these days; Courtesans have become reluctant to engage in unprotected sexual activities due to laws, communicable infections, viruses, diseases and STD. You must decide what you desire from a GFE party. GFE previously meant that your Courtesan made you feel like she was really your girlfriend including intimate conversation or talking dirty, deep French kissing, bare-back fellatio, uncovered cunnilingus and approximately one hour duration; however, I don’t believe there exists a legal Courtesan who offers the full original GFE because of STD and LPIN Laws. Numerous Courtesans do not engage in kissing anymore and all other sexual activities must be protected with condoms or dental dams.

    GFE lite = Lite-GFE = Safe GFE = CBJ, CFS, LK, DDDATY and MSOG.
    CBJ = Covered Blow Job = BJ with condom.
    CFS = Covered Full Service = Sex with condom.
    LK = Light Kissing, closed mouth.
    DDDATY = Dental Dam Dining At The “Y” (oral on woman using a dental dam).
    MSOG = Multiple Shots on Goal = multiple releases: she allows you to have more than 1 orgasm during the session. http://sex-in-nevada.net/smforum/index.php/topic,3250.0.html


    To me, there are two ways to define GFE: A list of services, or an experience. Many “hobbyists” (men who frequent courtesans and like to post about it on online forums), seem to think that it’s a checklist of services, similar to what firefighter described above.

    To me, GFE means an attitude. It means getting to know each other, spending a longer time together, talking intimately, cuddling, and generally acting like the session is more than just a quick, physical act. GFE can also develop over time, as the courtesan and client get to know each other more deeply, and develop a relationship beyond the superficial.

    To me, a non-GFE party isn’t nearly as fun as GFE, because I really love to get to know people, and have them get to know me. A more intimate emotional experience is ultimately more satisfying to both participants, regardless of what barriers are or aren’t used.

    Kimmy D

    Well Said Jolene. I agree 100%

    To me GFE means more than a checklist. It is a more organic experience for me and with this I am able to “let my hair down” so to speak. I also agree that it is not always what you start out with but can be built up to as you grow more comfortable with the other person and “find your rhythm”. 😉

    Gentlemen This is one of my new friends Jolene and she is a fascinating and intelligent sexy person that you must get to know!

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