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    Stumpy Wexford

    Hi Everyone, I am new here to the forum and new to the brothel experience in general. Just a question about gifts. This might be up here already, but anyway…

    I know the ladies love to get gifts and some have their own “wish list” on Amazon, but what do you ladies like to get most of all? Is it flowers, candy, perfume, jewelry. All of these seem familiar and typical. Are there things that you get, or would like to get, that would just blow you away? If so, what?


    Before the Ladies respond, I occasionally give Victoria’s Secret gift certificates, Kama Sutra products, Lingerie from Amazon, Bath & Body Works products, BDSM paraphernalia from Extreme Restraints, Lingerie from Spicy and etcetera. Cash tips are subject to a split with the house, so material gifts or gift certificates seem to be preferred by the Ladies.

    Victoria’s Secret http://www.victoriassecret.com/

    Amazon (Kama Sutra) http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=kama+sutra+honey+dust&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Akama+sutra+honey+dust

    Bath & Body Works http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/home/index.jsp

    Spicy Lingerie http://www.spicylingerie.com/

    Extreme Restraints http://www.extremerestraints.com/home.html

    Amazon Gift Certificates http://www.amazon.com/gift-cards/b/ref=topnav_giftcert/180-5934264-0373500?ie=UTF8&node=2238192011


    firefighter I did not recall that tips were split.


    Flint, Ranch Mama Dena can relate the policy regarding cash tips and extravagant or lavish gifts outlined in the agreement between Sheri’s Ranch and their Courtesans.


    firefighter, I will ask her on my next Ranch visit prior to any negoiations.


    Stumpy Wexword,
    I personally enjoyed being surprised and am greatful for any gift I recieve because I know it was lovingly picked out by you with me in mind.

    Thank You for your thoughtfullness

    Amber Lynn

    O Stumpy…you know a gal does love a great surprise…and you a pretty fantastic surpriser!

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    Charina Lee

    Personally, I’m so grateful for any effort and thought regarding a gift. It can be as simple as one rose! It’s the thought that counts! If you pinned me down to a preference, it would be a gift certificate to Victoria Secrets or a similar place. That’s mainly because having a wide ranging wardrobe is very helpful to me! I love to constantly change what I wear or put a different spin on an outfit.


    As the lovely ladies have all mentioned, anything that is given is well thought of…

    I have been given some really amazing things because the gift-givers have known me well.

    Just to name a few…

    Racy outfits that I get to wear when I share fun time with the sender. My Malibu Strings bikini makes some great tan lines and sights by the pool during the summer. I have also received a bow case for the new archery bow I got for my birthday. The Damascan steel Samurai sword was also pretty amazing.

    So really, many of the ladies have different likes and dislikes so personalizing a gift is as easy as asking the lovely lady you want to spoil what her hobbies are.

    But thank you for making the effort to ask, and it sounds like, bring in gifts for your playmates!


    Great info, Firefighter!!

    I have a certain little lady that I need to pick up a few gifts for!! 🙂 (And just in time for the holiday!! 🙂 😉 )


    do they have to split visa or master card gift cards do they have to split that with the house too?


    Material gifts that are not extraordinary and nominal amount gift cards are usually not subject to a Courtesan and house split. However, it would depend on the circumstances and the amount of the gift. Gifts of one hundred dollars or less are usually not considered extravagant. If in doubt it’s prudent to discuss gifts on an individual basis with management when visiting Sheri’s Ranch to put your mind at ease and achieve an equitable resolution.


    Flowers! They change the entire atmosphere of a room


    Something that would absolutely blow me away?…

    There are many things that blow me away in life like the wind lol but none more than the thoughtfulness of a gentleman that loves to spoil his women with gifts. As everyone else says it the thought as well as the surprise of it all that counts.

    I think Montana hit the nail on the head when she suggested asking about hobbies. I for one think its rude to ask for a particular gift. Women have a way at hinting to what they like or dream of having, a good listening ear helps with this.

    The gifts that have been most precious to me are not lavish at all. In fact one of them happens to be a wooden spatula that I love cooking with by the way! Someone and I were discussing wooden utensils I had mentioned that I couldn’t find a spatula anywhere they were nice enough to get me one. I just thought that was super sweet.

    But your question is what would we like to receive…. I enjoy spa trips, photography, music, a great novel, paintings, clothes, and more than any of what you or I mentioned to cuddle with someone and be in the moment.

    Now what would absolutely blow my mind is my dream car I seen it years ago it was on a fwy in Los Angeles it was a dark blue Lamborghini but there’s one clause I want the hot Asian girl that was driving it too, talk about the girl that got away she was mine :)….Now find me that and I have been blown to the moon and back!


    Some Givenchy fragrance may surprise me. It will be fabulous on my dresser.

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