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    Its been several years but I had a great time with a young lady (sorry dont recall her name). I arrived in Las Vegas and had a few hours to kill while my Truck was being worked on, I called and within an hour I was picked up by the limo (a Lincoln town car actually) after picking up 3 more gentlemen the driver began heading out and once on interstate informed us that the cost of the limo was $20 per person (even though we were all told it was free) that was the only drawback.
    The lineup was nice and I quickly choose a young blonde who treated me to an extra special treat even though I could not afford it.
    These girls are high class and should be treated so, I understand that the limo service has been changed and while tips are welcome the drivers no longer pressure those he picks up to pay up or be put out…
    I am looking to come back and yes I will use the limo service.


    I agree the girls are high class! We like to have our own car we never know how long our time at Sheri’s will last. Every one there is extremely nice, awesome hostesses and bartenders with great food. We stop in for drinks even if we cant party that trip.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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