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    I am brand new to the forum and still a little unsure about the etiquette for postings. If I make any egregious mistakes I’m counting on you guys to call me out on it. But the whole thing seems pretty free-wheeling to me so, here goes: You might be able to tell from my profile pic I’m a big fan of hard-boiled crime fiction, television and radio. I guess I was born about twenty years too late. One of my favorite radio shows featured Jack Webb (of profile picture fame). The show was called “Pat Novak For Hire” and boy did it have some outrageous dialog. here’s a couple of quotes from the show:
    “Your men couldn’t follow a moose through a revolving door.”
    “She stood leaning there for a minute, sort of a girl who moves when she stands still. She had blonde hair. She was kind of pretty, except you could see somebody had used her badly, like a dictionary in a stupid family.”
    Well, there you go. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings about my interests. Please let me know(but it doesn’t seem like anyone is too shy on here).


    Hello and welcome! I dont think you were born too late, thats what television and radio should go back too! All this realty tv isnt real anymore and we all forgot about using our imagination and enjoying real talent. You seem pretty cool and I look forward to reading your posts!



    Phoenix Daniels

    Hiya @Jazzmark007 – welcome to the forums! “sort of a girl who moves when she stands still” – love that 🙂

    Twelfth Doctor


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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