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    I hat to be naive but WTH is “Armpit Sex”? I’ve seen it on several of the ladies profile.


    It is exactly what it says it is…

    There was something written at some point that says that the armpit is supposed to feel very similar to a woman’s intimate parts. Just sayin’…

    Willie A

    Thanks Jazz for beating me to that one. Thank you Montana


    Ya’ learn something every day…..


    Naw, I’m old fashioned so I’ll stick to traditional vagina sex! Also, I will on rare occasion indulge in DATY, but “Dining at the Armpit” just doesn’t sound inviting!


    Armpit sex sounds like something pervert(s) would do.

    I honestly do not want some woman licking or sucking my armpits. I do not want to do the same for her either.

    I would rather stick to touching, talking, romancing, and having regular sex with beautiful courtesan(s).


    A perversion is just something that is different from the norm. Enjoy whatever turns you on as long as it isn’t harmful to the other person; I don’t consider BDSM harmul unless it is non-consensual.

    I personally enjoy traditional sex and perversions that do not deviate to far from the norm.


    I think I will pass on that one, with other options I have not tried.

    Kellie Love

    I have allowed someone to kiss and lick my armpits once since being here. Call me a pervert, but it was quite fun! It tickled in an odd, yet fun way. Would I lick someone else’s armpit….umm….I would have to pass! But fellas, or ladies, feel free to lick, kiss, or have sex with my pits, elbows, and knees!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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