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    Amber Lynn

    have you ever been to Sheri’s Ranch?
    One your first visit to the ranch there can be a millions thoughts running through your mind on the drive out…excitement overload and extreme nervousness. Although there is no need to be nervous, we only bite when necessary!

    What was your first visit to the ranch like? Any preconceived notions and/emotions?

    How was your first naughty experience?

    What were your thoughts after clothes went flying?


    OK Amber, I’ll go first.

    Well, I would have to say that the ranch looked like I expected it would, a really great place. I took the Limo out and the driver was a great conversationalist, so i was very relaxed on the way out.

    What did surprise me was that I felt rather relaxed when I arrived, and this I did not expect. The only thing I can think of is that I had had an ongoing correspondence with Amber Lynn so I felt like I knew her a bit and perhaps this is why I felt less nervous than expected.

    How was my first naughty experience? It was with Amber Lynn, so it was fabulous.

    After clothes went flying? Well, if you mean during the party, I remember thinking the moment clothes were off, “wow what a great rack!” (only being honest). If you mean after the party was over, that would be, “Best. Birthday. Ever.”


    Too far in the past. I remember being nervous and excited. Cannot remmber the lady’s name. Was in a daze afterwards, good thing i was not driving.


    I’ve been visiting for about 8 yrs. Entering the front door made me nervous, but the comfort of a sports bar made it better. My initial 4 parties were w/gals not currently employed & they were okay, awkward or bad parties due to a lack of chemistry & motivated by my simple visual attraction to the ladies. I have found some ladies while at the bar, give me a vibe they aren’t interested & that is more than okay because there are more than enough that engage in conversation which half the time leads to successful parties. Thru luck, I currently have 3 favorites who like what I like & we get along beautifully .
    My first naughty experience was an awkward BJ from a gal I pursued based entirely on her profile pics & there was little chemistry .
    My thoughts after clothes went flying? I was happy & excited to be with a gal non-judgemental of my extra pounds & belly, & continue to really appreciate this, & the willingness to my sexual requests. Sheri’s experiences lack the pressure of a date w/a civilian & I feel so much more comfortable getting naked with a Sheri’s gal


    My first visit was in July (3 day) to lose my V card. I had no idea what to expect or how the women would treat me. I didn’t get nervous until I pulled into the parking lot, as I walked in, I got really nervous. The woman I had made an appointment with wasn’t there, so I got more nervous. it went on like that for a while and I didn’t get over the nervousness until the last day.

    My preconceived notion was that the women would not like me; be unemotional or even be hostile toward me. Wow, was I wrong.

    First naughty experience was with Akira in the Playland. I was very nervous and not thinking, just living in the moment. I had great time, she is an amazing fun and open woman.

    Afterward I felt a great connection with her so it was the perfect girlfriend fantasy.


    My first experience was 1) nerve-wracking, 2) stressful, 3) empowering and 4) incredibly fun and exciting.

    I lost my virginity at Sheri’s. I was so nervous driving along Homestead Road that I had to pull over, fearing I would otherwise crash my rental car, and wait for my hands to stop shaking.

    It was stressful because the first lady with whom I tried to negotiate was unfortunately rather pushy and obviously not interested in a quick party close to my budget. I’m not surprised, needless to say, that she didn’t last long at Sheri’s. (I haven’t seen her listed in the line-up since, and that was almost eight years ago.) Thankfully, the negotiation with the second lady went so quickly and easily that I didn’t have time to become nervous about the DC, which was one source of my nerves.

    Being “walked” by the 1st lady was, however, oddly empowering in that I finally felt like I’d stood up for myself instead of being the doormat, which had happened too many times before, in both my professional and personal life.

    The important details of the party itself that I remember are 1) how glad I was that she took the lead (enjoying the view for a few minutes really settled my nerves,) 2) how surprisingly soft her skin felt and 3) the smile on her face as I, totally spent and gulping air as if I was otherwise going to die, laid next to her when we had finished. I learned afterward how much she, like many of the Sheri’s ladies, enjoyed cashing in V cards. The look on my face when we returned to the bar must be have been priceless too because of the smirks, giggles and comments from the other ladies sitting there. One (I can’t remember who) even asked me if I needed some oxygen. I must have been hyperventilating.


    My first visit was back in May 2011. My first party was with Char who is a special Lady. Yes I was nervous but I had a very memorable afternoon in the Roman bungalow. Honestly I wish I had gone to Sheri’s to lose my V card. My second trip was last November I arrived at the Ranch about mid day on a Sunday having pre booked a two girl Nuru massage with Amber Lynn and Brittney Ryder for that afternoon. What an amazing experience. Thank you Amber. Later that night I had a 2 girl bungalow party with these two wonderful Ladies. A week later having been in Las Vegas and not having a lot of luck with the tables or some of the so called better eating establishments I decided to go back to the Ranch for some more fun and hopefully more sweet memories. The Lady I chose to party with was the fourth Lady that I had contacted by email some months before. Eva Morales was her name and she truly blew my mind because we had so much in common and we had this deep emotional connection that was truly amazing. Being from Australia I don’t know if I will ever get back to the Ranch but I do have some very fond and special memories of Char who I partied with again last year in Sheri’s Playland, Amber , Brittney and Eva. Thank you Ladies. Unfortunately it seems as though both Brittney & Eva no longer work at the Ranch. There are a number of things that I regret not doing and high on the list is not losing my V card at the Ranch. It would have been a lot more memorable and fun at the Ranch. Amber in each party I wasn’t thinking I was just overwhelmed and just being in the moment.

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