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    Bunnie Hughes

    What’s not to love about being a daddy’s girl?

    “Over my knee, now.”
    “Open. Suck.”
    “Do as I say.”
    “Did you behave?”
    “Good girl.”

    Above is a list of phrases that make me deliciously wet. When Daddy tells me I’ve been a good girl, it’s almost orgasmic for me! Some people think I have issues. I think I’m just more exciting than what they’re used to, and that’s okay. My dynamic with Daddy is definitely much different than your average relationship, and we are far from normal. But it’s like what Harley Quinn says in the movie Suicide Squad;

    “Normal’s a setting on the dryer. People like us, we don’t get normal!”

    I used to want normal, especially when I first realized how much of a pervy freak I can be. Especially when my fetish is associated with so many potentially unhealthy relationships and dynamics. Especially when what I enjoy is often thought of as perverted and wrong. Eventually I realized that I’m too epic to be normal. I’m too extraordinary to lead an ordinary life or have ordinary lifestyle preferences. I.e. If you want to be great, you simply cannot be average, and I am by no means an average girl.

    So how do my lifestyle preferences deviate from the norm? What makes me so different and special? One major aspect of my kink is that I love to call my partner “Daddy,” with a capital “D.” My ideal partner, in effect, owns me. He is in charge of everything, and all the decisions are up to him. I literally trust him with my life and my livelihood, and he’s earned that privilege. Things in that kind of dynamic aren’t always what a vanilla person would think is “fair.” Daddy should be able to do some things that I can’t — I prefer it that way.. I like the idea that Daddy is the adult, and I’m the little princess he takes care of. That, to me, is not only ideal… it’s arousing.

    In the bedroom, as with in my videos and here at Sheri’s, I get lost in the sexy thought that the person I’m fucking owns me, provides for me, takes care of me, and makes it so that I can have whatever I want and need. The look of adoration and devotion and undying loyalty and possessiveness in my lovers’ eyes is something I’ll never get tired of seeing, and my sexual reaction to that intensifies if that person brings me a gift or (even better) hands me money and says “a little something for my princess!” Yes, I love to be bribed, and I want to be treated like Daddy’s good little prim and proper princess in public, but also like his naughty little whore in bed.

    Let’s pause and address the more controversial side of being Daddy’s little girl. The age-play or age-regression aspect of my kink, as well as the insinuated-incest aspect, have been the focus of most of the disrespect that vanilla society has for ABDL, CG/l, and other facets of the age-play community. I don’t really know what to say beyond the fact that two consenting adults are two consenting adults and this lifestyle is a healthy outlet for people with more unique tastes in regards to sexual attraction. I don’t judge people for liking what they like because a person’s sexual preferences are deeply ingrained in the psyche and are almost impossible to change.

    Accepting and indulging in this part of myself has been freeing and beautiful, and has become one of the keys to my current success and happiness in life. I love being Daddy’s little girl, and age play has played a huge role in my personal betterment, so please indulge in it with me! Don’t deny that part of yourself. People like us don’t get normal, and that is more than okay.


    Thanks,Bunnie for all of that.

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