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    I have always had trouble talking about sex. I think most guys do but that could be just a massive generalization . Anyway, the anonymity that the forum provides makes it much easier for me. I’ve always felt like sex was a serious subject. I once heard it described as a time when “everybody’s having fun but nobody’s laughin'” I was a much younger person when I heard this and, at the time, I thought it was funny(irony?). Now that I’m older, the statement seems less funny. I mean, in my life at least, if you’re truly having fun you should be laughing. at least PART of the time. Yes, huh? I mean, how much joy(as in enJOYable)can there be without some laughter?
    Another observation is that I believe sex should be every bit as enjoyable for the woman as for the man. For some insane reason, this has clearly not been the case. If a woman showed too much enjoyment in the act, then they became some kind of marked person(See: “The Scarlet Letter). Guys(and I think this is happening slowly) should realize that if their partner is enjoying the sex as much as they are, the man’s enjoyment will increase exponentially. Just sounds like common sense to me. And, of course I have all these opinions having no sexual experience of my own. Yep, an old man virgin. So take it for whatever you think it’s worth. But, to get back to my original point: “I Love This Forum!”

    Charina Lee

    You are a wise man Mr. Jazzmark007! Very wise indeed!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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