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    Charina Lee

    I bet Las Vegas is really crazy right now. Canelo Alvarez has a huge fan base. Mayweather is an unbelievably skilled fighter. Come see me after the fight and help me celebrate my birthday. You can tell me all about the fight! I think Mr. Mayweather will handle the initial pressure of Canelo, and his speed and skills will prevail. But, as they say, a puncher has a punchers chance and Alvarez has more skills than people give him credit for. Should be a great fight.

    Now, on to football! I’m so happy football started. There are many women that love football. So….many of our ladies can talk about sports with you…

    So come take me into your huddle and tell me what play you want me to run!!!!! I think I would be a great tight end or a receiver! Only one way to find out! He, he he!



    Charina, ya gotta get into MMA….then its not just a striking game anymore, you got wrestling and jiu jitsu! ; D


    Charina Lee

    Hi SouthPaw! I love MMA too! In other countries, boxing and MMA co-exist very well as they are two different sports. Unfortunately, because of personalities and power struggles, this is the only country where two great sports cannot co exist the way they should. It’s a shame because it just makes both boxing and MMA that much better.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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