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    We all have special factors that quickly light our fire of sexual desires. Whether it’s a touch, sound, sight, or smell, the heat is on and it’s time for action. What is that instant turn on for you? I would have to say I have 2 top favorites, although I do admit my fire is easily lit 🙂 when I hear someone playing the piano the sound immediately warms my body and I feel soft, warm and ready to be caressed. Which leads to my 2nd favorite with a nice massage slowing down to a light touch and teasing various part of my bare body. It may sound like a mild chain of events but wait till you see the ending, well beginning to the end, result! Don’t be shy!


    Hmm maybe sights or sounds, i have to think about that.

    Willie A

    The sound of high heels, the sight of stocking clad legs, the feel and moans as I massage the feet.


    You know, Allissa, two of my favorite things to do in the world are playing the piano and giving sensual massages to sexy women. I’m just saying…;)


    Ooooo love this question

    1) Singing, especially something upbeat and romantic. Can’t really explain it. Something just tugs, I relax, stop and listen 🙂
    2) Hand Holding. It just feels like my hand is floating
    3) Working out. Both when I work out and seeing her all sweaty and gorgeous after her workout 🙂


    I agree with poster that said sound of high heels. A more physical act that I categorize as a instant turn on is hand holding, but not necessarily that one of the hands is my own. I get jealously excited when I see male/female couples holding hands because I know how doing so has made me feel on the occasions that I’ve been able to hold a ladies hand. I think a lady reaching out for the gentleman’s hand or offering her hand to the gentleman has a calming and reassuring effect and then an arousing effect on the gentleman.


    Y’all are turning me on! Great responses. It’s amazing how that certain something can get you there. I love workout and sex sweat too, mmmhh. The heals I guess I get spoiled with because I hear trample des of them all day lol. It’s funny a lot of us girls can tell who is walking down the hall by the sound of their heels.


    The glimpse of a woman’s thigh as it’s revealed through a split in a skirt.

    The sound of a soft Southern USA accent.


    Southern accent is hott too! I hope you say hi while you visit next week Tom 🙂


    A woman walking up from behind, and softly taking my arm and allowing her breast to press into it.


    I love it when a woman gently caresses the soft buns. Then she slowly begins to open her mouth and takes a bite, barbecue sauce going everywhere. Comes with fries and a drink.

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    You know….every time I run across a thread like this, I just have to say clear, clean dark skin and black hair. Anything from caramel to dark chocolate and I’m instantly ignited…..


    A suit and tie


    A great conversation with a beautiful woman that leads to a touch…the touch of a woman’s soft skin will get me going almost instantly every single time.


    Touch has always been a major turn on for me. Using your finger tips to caress my breasts, my legs, my neck mmmmm… A great massage that leads to soft kisses down my back and definitely playing with my hair.. Even though that last one can make me fall asleep! LoL it still feels amazing, sends chills all over my body! Oh! And a great smelling scent (cologne or perfume) nothing too over powering and fresh breath 🙂 it makes all the difference.. Xoxo

    Kellie Love

    Bike_racer, I’m your gal! How about a little caramel for chocolate fetish?

    My personal turn on, is soft skin that is still warm after a hot shower, with a hint of a soapy smell. Nothing is sexier than clean and warm skin!


    My turn on would be breast. I don’t care they’re fake or real. Another turn on for me would be seeing women in sexy high heels or boots. Christian Louboutin, giuseppe zanotti and Charlotte Olympia are some my favorites.


    Holding hands always gets the heart pumping because you never know what it will lead to, if anything. But cleavage has to be near the top of the list along with legs.


    Touch,smell way too many to list for me. I recently was in the airport and love to watch the beautiful ladies. Instead of just a glance, I thought I would hold my eye contact just a little longer and give them a nice smile. It was great to receive so many smiles back.

    Big LA Dodger Fan

    In the movie “Inside Man” Jodie Foster plays Madeline White, a fixer trying to protect some secrets hidden in a bank vault during a bank robbery. For most of the movie her hair is in a Ponytail, ordinarily a big turn on for me but for some reason not so much in this case. However some time into the movie her hair is no longer in the Ponytail and is hanging lose and then the camera is to her back looking over her shoulder as she talks to somebody and I became transfixed by her blond hair that is cut in a straight line across her back. I don’t know if it was the precision of the cut, the contrast of her blond hair against what she was wearing, the way it fell on her back or some combination of all of these but I just remember holding my breath for a moment and appreciating the beauty of what I saw. I don’t ever remember ever being moved in quite the same way before or since but I think that began my appreciation and fascination with women’s hair that is now a very strong Fetish for me and beautiful hair an instant Turn ON for me.

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