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    When I arrived at Sheri’s Ranch one night, it was not my first time at a Nevada brothel, but I did get the inkling that I might have my first sexual experience. Although I’d been in long term relationships with women before, sex was not something that I’d proactively pursued, as I’m a shy person, and never wanted to impose.

    But when Iris sat down at the booth where I was nursing a bottled water I got at a previous party (all the ladies at Sheri’s have mini fridges in their rooms), I could see that something was up. Iris is a slender Asian with blue hair and prominent tattoos. Although otherwise quiet and reserved in our conversation, I could feel her eyeing me lustily, and it was clear that she had it in her mind to have her way with me. She was adorable, and I was flattered.

    Iris was gently charming, even during the DC, when she complimented me on the features of my equipment. I smiled and turned away, as I was too embarrassed to keep watching what she was doing down there. I just kept telling myself that this was like a doctor’s visit, although I’d never been poked and prodded there by a beautiful young woman before. She expertly picked a modest condom size, and put it on my increasingly excited and anticipatory member.

    When we lay down on the bed, I asked her to take the top position. I felt this was the only way we could do it, as I only had a vague idea where to put it.

    That moment that Iris lowered herself onto me, and unbeknownst to her, took my virginity, it all felt unreal. I thought that sex would be like loving embrace, but there were mechanics involved that I’d never thought of. This situation seemed complex, and a bit out of hand.

    And when she finally started moving on me, I felt such a rush of unfamiliar sensations from my penis – I was just frozen for a moment in shock. I didn’t know that glans had so many nerve endings. I didn’t understand that this uncomfortable feeling of simultaneously being ticked, and having to pee badly, was me nearing a premature orgasm. I was overwhelmed, and after only about 30 seconds of penetration, I wilted. My penis, outmatched, had protected itself by retreating, and it had no intention of coming out until it had figured things out.

    Iris was surprised, but dismounted and heroically tried to revive me orally. I touched her shoulder and stopped her, telling her that it was all right, and that there was nothing she could do. She saw the look in my eyes, and instinctively understood what I needed after this debacle. She cuddled close to me, and for the remainder of our time, we talked. When she pulled off my condom, and we looked down and saw that I was as soft as if I’d just gone for an icy swim, I felt ashamed.

    But by the end of our session, I felt that I’d made a friend, and I wished that I’d had my encounter with Iris under more… successful circumstances.

    Still, after all that, I didn’t think that Iris would be eager to party with me again, or know what to do, even if we did. What Iris did the next day showed me just how wrong I was on both counts, and that Iris was not a courtesan to be denied, or underestimated.

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