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    Charina Lee

    I can’t speak for others as it is not my place. I can ONLY speak for myself. But recently, I was asked what was the driving force behind my decision to work at Sheris and to walk away from the adult movie industry and the dance club scene. A Gentleman asked me, in a very frank and interesting conversation, if I truly liked working in the adult industry. He was aware of some of my XXX rated scenes I was featured in and told me what he loved the most about my adult movies was that I seemed totally natural and really into the moment. I was flattered because I love expressing myself sexually. I love being in front of the camera and I love to inject FUN into whatever I do. It was always my objective to NOT ACT in a sex scene, but to truly relax and let my true sexual desires and fantasies take over. It’s not easy with cameras rolling, other people in the room, actors that sometimes get nervous, (LOL, yup even the pros get nervous), etc.

    This gentleman just wanted confirmation of what he thought. That it couldn’t be just about money with me. Or material things. But instead, it was about expressing myself as a sexual athlete!!!! Of course, like anyone else, I’m here to earn a living, save for the future, etc…..Same thing everyone else is trying to do in life! But I truly LOVE WHAT I DO!!!!! And if you read my reviews you will see that the theme of loving what I do and how I express my sexual freedom is consistent with who I am as a person.

    Finally, this gentleman was pleasantly surprised that I’m not any more expensive to book than anyone else. He simply figured that because some people refer to me as a “porn star” that an average person would not be able to book me! NOT TRUE! First of all, I’ve only been featured in a few adult movies and one main stream movie. I’m as REAL as REAL CAN BE! I’m so approachable and such a happy positive woman full of sexual energy! But I’m a HUMBLE person. I don’t see myself as better than anyone else or any other girl here at Sheris. I think the girls at Sheris are wonderful!

    So come and get me! LOL….Or at the very least, come and be pleasantly surprised at what a great conversation we end up having! Hugs, Charina Lee!


    You have to like and even more, love what you do or all the $$$ in the world won’t make you happy #uhhuh

    Charina Lee

    Thank you SouthPaw! When I was a dancer, people would come up to me and say “wow, you aren’t acting are you…you really love what you do don’t you”. And yes, I did love what I was doing. But you would be amazed how many dancers hated every minute of it. It WAS all about the money. They could care less about entertaining.




    Is it the case for the ladies at Sheri’s that most do love what they are doing?

    Charina Lee

    Hi Flint! As I said in my first post, it’s hard for me to speak for others. But I won’t dodge the question either. There are a lot of ladies. So I don’t have personal knowledge of many. But for the ladies that I have gotten to know over two years time…..I can say that they do love what they do. They are friendly, funny, love sex in a way that I think is healthy for mind, spirit and body!!!! They have unique talents, some hidden, some to be unveiled. So I think many of us truly bring a unique flavor to Sheris.

    But as far as my experience as a dancer and an adult video actress, I would say I was more of the exception than the rule. I met so many girls that hated what they did. That truly had to “ACT” their way through their shift or their filming. They just wanted the MONEY! We are all working or doing business to make money. There is nothing wrong with that.

    But when you find a lady that truly enjoys her work and is proud of what she does, you will KNOW IT!

    Hugs, Charina Lee

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