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    I was at your resort a couple days ago (checked out the 19th), and I just wanted to compliment the staff on how wonderful they were and your cafeteria had WONDERFUL food!

    As a matter of fact, right now, I’m staying at the strip (my flight leaves 11/22 in the morning) and the food you serve at your cafeteria is MUCH better than alot of the more expensive restaurants here at the strip!

    The manager/hostess who said “goodbye” to me on 11/19 that afternoon was really nice, also (unfortunately, I can’t remember her name).

    My only regret was that I never got a chance to meet the beautiful ladies, especially since it was my birthday (or at least a few days past) :-(. I arrived quite late that Monday night on 11/18 (about 8:30pm – 9pm) and I figured the ladies were probably too tired by then.

    Also (and perhaps I should have let someone know)… I’m an INCREDIBLY shy person, especially around new people. Usually, I’m the type of person who sits alone, either working on my writing (planning to have a fiction book out soon), or I’d be reading a book, which (believe it or not) was what I was doing most of the time I was there – either in my room, or in the bar or in that nice room with the piano/paintings while sitting in the sofa.

    I guess my shyness is something I have to work on. Oddly enough, I have no problems if someone came up and started a conversation with me ;-).

    I do plan on coming again. I would have come today, Thursday, but there are things I planned to do here… like read ;-). Just kidding… sort of. Actually, walking back and forth from Luxor to Mirage is killing my feet and back… MAJORLY :-(… not to mention I’m getting a headache :-(.

    WHY can’t they have one freakin’ long tram that connects one end of the strip all the way to another? Oh, well… that’s a subject for another rant.

    Anyway, I just wanted to sincerely thank the people there for their kindness and, even though I never got a chance to meet any of the girls personally, they seemed very nice. A few actually smiled or said “Hi” to me as they passed by :-)!

    At least the book I was reading while at the resort wasn’t that bad… “Dracula” by Bram Stoker, which I kinda have to read (trying to break into “Horror Writing”). It’s a pretty difficult read (as is alot of period pieces), but also pretty good.

    Maybe next time, we can talk about Dracula and my “vampire fetish” ;-). Sorry… bad joke. Hope I didn’t scare you ladies ;-).

    If I come next time, I’ll be reading less and meeting other people more :-).



    Am I correct that you stayed at the hotel and ate at the bar, and did not party with any of the ladies?


    Hello! I’m glad you enjoyed your time at the Ranch. That is too bad you did not have the chance to talk to ladies, we have a great group of girls here! Next time you come back to visit just put on your alter ego and don’t be shy to talk. I do it all the time 😉 travel safe and hope to meet you one day!


    @ Allissa: Thanks, Alissa… I plan on coming back… I’ll try to be more social (you would think that, as a former actor, I would be more social… maybe that’s why I’m now a writer ;-)). I’d love to meet you one of these days :-)!


    I am shy too.

    But, I hope that I can put that aside so that I can meet and have some fun with one or more ladies.

    If someone visits Sheri’s Ranch and does not get that chance because of shyness, then he would regret it once he returns home.


    I agree that the staff here is awesome!!!! No reason to be shy around the ladies sweetie, we’re all pretty laid back


    @Audrey: Thanks… I definitely plan on coming back… hopefully, I won’t be as shy :-)!


    I am not that outgoing to be able to ask the needed questions live.

    Charina Lee

    I think being who you are as a person is the most important thing. Like the saying “time heals all wounds”….well, time and experience and practice allows us to grow into the people we become! I myself love shy….If you look at my reviews, you will see many that are related to either shy or nervous or virgins, etc…..The variety of the people we meet, is what is so fun and enlightening working at Sheri’s. There’s people that worry about their age, their weight, their skills…..I simply don’t care about any of those things…..And I pride myself in getting to know people and appreciate all the differences in each and every one of us…..

    Think about it….if we weren’t accepting of all the different types of people that walk in our door, then how would we even get along as courtesans….What if I’m in a lineup and you pick someone else? What if no one wants me all week, but several other girls are busier than busy?

    We wouldn’t be able to get a long and be part of a professional resort without accepting the fact that we can’t be ALL things to ALL people!!! We can try…but guess what….not always possible. We too, can become a little insecure. We too can lose a little confidence….But the women here encourage each other. It’s always easier said than done when someone says “don’t worry”…..Some of us will worry or feel a certain way until TIME helps us grow a little more certain, a little more comfortable…..The power of the mind and our thoughts determine who we become…..So, keep coming….LOL (I could have spelled that differently)! You will feel more and more relaxed and comfortable every time!



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