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    For some reason the review entry isn’t working so here is my review of Karli

    So many things to say…
    my fingers to type, my tongue held at bay.
    Even pictures fail much to my own dismay
    This feeling, this wonderful feeling
    still with me in my thoughts it does stay
    I can only do the best I can to explain the unexplainable
    It seems with this girl I have attained the unattainable
    Happiness I thought was something that you could not touch
    I thought it was something you couldn’t see
    Now I understand it, now I must disagree
    For happiness was something I did touch
    Her face, smile, and eyes… things I could see
    For happiness has a name, and her name is Karli
    My face become frozen with a smile perpetually
    That smile, with a mere thought of her returns to me.
    If only the world was filled with those like her
    It would be vastly more angelic; more heavenly
    So when you choose between happiness and money
    Chose the happiness, maybe it can’t buy it
    No No No , 3 times no … it can, to say otherwise is bullshit
    Yes, she for time can be mine,
    just for a moment
    but it I’ll remember that moment …
    remember it for a lifetime

    footnote :
    Partially inspired by the musical “scrooge “based on Charles Dickens “a Christmas Carol” where Ebenezer scrooge choses money over happiness., but mostly inspired by Karli.


    unique party description, Steve.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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