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    beau•ty (BYOO-tee): n. The quality that gives pleasure to the mind or senses and is associated with such properties as harmony of form or color, excellence of artistry, truthfulness, and originality.

    Many times have I shed tears, whether from sadness or elation. Never before had I shed them because I was moved so deeply in ways that I did not understand.

    Such was my experience with Brandy Lynn.

    Ever since we made our first eye contact across the bar in January, I knew that we would have an amazing time once I could make it happen. That time did not come until Thursday last. Our time together exceeded my most fantastic expectations.

    Though, in accordance with decorum here, our party details will remain between the two of us, allow me to say that she was able to relax me almost without effort. And, as the ladies at the ranch can attest, getting me to calm the hell down is a pretty tall order. In her case, mission accomplished.

    In order to serve my own self-interest of spending time with her again, I would have to betray my honesty by watering down my words here. But my desire to experience her again must remain subordinate to my wishes for her success, if for no other reason that to honor my gratitude for what she has given me.

    Some of you, and many of the ladies at the Ranch, know that my heart has been hardened by my experiences in what I so loosely call the real world. Brandy Lynn has succeeded in melting my heart… a feat that I had previously believed had been rendered impossible. Once again… mission accomplished.

    Gentlemen, you absolutely must find a way to get to the Ranch to spend some time with this extraordinary woman. FIND A WAY.

    You will forever remember what it means to go weak in the presence of beauty.


    I would like to meet Brandy Lynn when I am there in March….Leto



    Nice review and the first one on the new forum!.


    Hello Leto and Doorknocker, and of course Anakin! Counting the days until I get back to Sheri’s. I would like to meet you too Leto, it will be a pleasure!
    Doorknocker…you can knock on my door anytime….Welcome to the Forum
    See you all next week. Oh, and yes, it IS a nice review! Still blushing…


    Wow. Damn. I’d rather hoped that, by now, the “Share an Experience” forum would have pages upon pages of threads about nothing but Brandy Lynn and how extraordinary she is. I guess everyone who has stopped in to see her has decided to stick around until the end of her visit.
    Otherwise, I’d have to ask what the hell is wrong with you fuckin bozos!?!?? GO SEE HER!!!


    Anakin, you continue to flatter in ways that are unrivaled! Wow!
    That’s somewhere between a gentle nudge and a direct order!
    Bigggg Hug,

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