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    First off, being a Newbie I can honestly say that Dex’s guide is great source of information to reference.

    I have two questions, in which anyone can weigh in on…

    Looking at a visit to SR with my wife, is there more merit to do a “line-up” with ladies that are partial to couples? Or would it be recommended for us to come to the bar, have a drink or two with some lunch (I read the food is good), and talk with a few ladies? Assuming that they would see us come in as a couple and only the ones geared to couples would show interest?

    Secondly, because we are planning a July visit, is there a benefit to come when it is slower during the daytime say on a Monday or Tuesday, or will there be very few ladies around at that time?

    Any insight and Feedback appreciated.



    weekends are busier than the other days. You could look at the ladies at the Ranch during the time you want to visit. For those that appeal to the both of you, and cater to couples, you could Tweet or email them(when they are at the Ranch). if you do not want to do the above, go to the bar eat and then meet the ladies .

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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