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    On October 7th it was 4 years to the date since we first met Montana. We set up an appointment for 6 pm to meet in the bar. We had partied with Montana many times over the past 4 years, but wanted to make that night extra special.

    It had been a while since we had seen her, but when she joined us in the bar it seemed like just yesterday. After an hour of catching up we enjoyed a very nice dinner and a few drinks. We knew that night called for a bungalow so negotiations were just a formality. Montana still found a way to make it fun.

    Once we retired to the bungalow it didn’t take long for everyone to get a little more comfortable. We really wanted to make it a special night, but it was Montana that made night so memorable. What a passionate lover. That was a night to remember. It took a bit to catch our breath afterwards. The cool down was as exciting as passion with small talk, caresses, hugs, a squeeze here and a lick there.

    When the evening came to and end and time to say goodbye we both knew Montana is an incredible lover and friend.

    Thank you Montana for all you have added to our lives.


    Montana is special.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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