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    I need to learn a bit more about this format. I was trying to share some photos but the file size was too large. I’ll keep trying…


    MMMmmmm I cant wait to see more of you and those sexy eyes. LOL, and maybe a bit more?


    Hi Montana! How are you? The photos are too large and cannot be reduced because there is so much of you that is wonderful and must be seen! 🙂


    Hi Montana,

    I really liked the old Forum format better, since it was more user friendly and versatile. Aaron still has many bugs in the system, but I understand he and Dena are working continually to perfect the system. I’ve been emailing constructive criticism to Aaron and Dena, and they probably think I’m a genuine pain in the ass now. The Forum’s font style, size and color options are limited and the Emotion symbols were eliminated I guess. The standard light gray print is hard to read, and it makes my eyes tired continually focusing on the unobtrusive fuzzy type. Also, the EDIT button doesn’t appear on over half of my posts, so I can’t make changes. I notified Dena and Aaron, but the problem still exists. I edited one post and my line spacing was removed upon hitting the submit button; then I couldn’t space the paragraphs as desired, since the Edit button didn’t reappear. Also, the system automatically spaced some of my lines when I didn’t want the spacing, and I couldn’t change it.

    In addition I notified both Dena and Aaron concerning the Ladies Official Page Reviews glitch. The STAR system must be revised, since only one number should be represented by a single star. Currently if a poster clicks on the right side of the fifth star a rating of 5.0 appears, but click on the left edge of the fifth star and it will register 4.5. This SNAFU has caused many Ladies to receive 4.5 reviews, when the author intended to post a 5.0 review; however, once the submit button is clicked it can only be edited by Dena. I realize it states in small print “you have rated 4.5” but most people don’t notice this warning and once the submit button is clicked it’s permanent. If a system exists that continually penalizes Courtesans, it cannot be tolerated and must be changed. Aaron stated that he plans to modify the Ladies Official Page Reviews to the same sign-in system as the Forum. Then we’ll be able to Edit the reviews hopefully. This change will also reduce the number of malicious reviews being posted now, since the poster will no longer be totally anonymous.

    You probably need a photo program to resize your photos for resizing and downloading to the Forum. Download.com has many free programs to edit photos. One of the programs is explained at this link: http://download.cnet.com/FastStone-Image-Viewer/3000-2192_4-10324485.html?tag=mncol;5

    I haven’t tried this program, but you may read through the list (if it states BUY NOW, there is definitely a charge): http://download.cnet.com/1770-20_4-0.html?query=resize+photos&platformSelect=Windows&tag=srch&searchtype=downloads&filterName=platform%3DWindows&filter=platform%3DWindows

    Download.com has numerous other programs that may assist you and most are free of charge too. There will be a notation on certain programs if it is trial only.

    I hope to see you soon, and I’ve been practicing playing 8-ball, lol!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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