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    i’m new and i have a few questions that i didn’t see the forums

    1. do the shifts change on tuesday? would it be possible to schedule a girl either the monday night before or a wednesday morning after what shows up on the weekly lineup, or do i need to get in my delorean and hit 88 mph?

    2. if a girl isn’t scheduled for this week but is for next week, do i have to wait until next week to make a reservation?

    3. i know pricing can’t be discussed but this isn’t exactly about prices. let’s say i’m a hungry hungry hippo grandmaster and i wanted to spend an hour with a girl honing my skills because i want to make sure my hippo-ing isn’t affected if my opponent is gorgeous. i have a friend who happens to be named ben franklin but he can’t play because of paper thin wrists. my clothes stay on the whole time and i won’t drop my pants just because my hippos eat the most marbles (i told you i’m a grandmaster in this hypothetical situation). i know this can probably be arranged, but i don’t want to inconvenience the girl since ben can only stay for an hour: the more time she spends with me, the less she has meeting others with lesser hippo skills. so for everyone to benefit, it would seem that i shouldn’t up during the busiest times but i also don’t want the girls to be tired from playing naked twister with others since hungry hungry hippos requires intense focus and concentration. is there a day/time when this is convenient for the girls, or are me and ben not even in the ballpark?


    1 you can arrange with the lady of your choice to be available on Monday eveening, as she may be at the Ranch over that time span. You can email her and ask if she could be available then.
    2 you can make a reservation far in advance if you know she is scheduled to be there or you have made prior arrangements with her ahead of time.
    3 I do not understand this, so maybe firefigher can answer this bullet and expand on the first two.


    thanks flint, but to clarify on the first point, http://newblog.sherisranch.com/forums/topic/a-few-questions-from-a-young-noob/#post-13269 says the girls don’t have access to their email while not at the ranch, so how would it be possible to email them if they aren’t at the ranch?


    Dear Hungry Hungry Hippo Grandmaster, (love this by the way)

    You can make a reservation for a lady at any time. Just call the office and let them know who, when and at what time. I would suggest also emailing the ladies that you are interested in to confirm schedules. Just because a day seems quiet does not necessarily mean that we are not busy. Keep in mind, all the naughty fun happens behind closed doors, not in the bar.

    Amber Lynn

    @brbp90x (a.k.a. Hungry Hungry Hippo)…

    1. If one of us gals is on the schedule for the week, make sure she is scheduled the day you are planning your visit…if we are coming in to see the doc we will not be cleared and ready to play until Tuesday…and sometimes we leave on Mondays when it says we are scheduled. Your best bet is to email the sexy lady you have your eye on and go from there…

    2. Like Dena said you have the availability to call the ranch at any time and set an appointment with one of us even when we are not at the ranch at you make the appointment. While we are away from the ranch we can not access emails, but once we return we will get a email notification from the office with the date and time of our appointments. In the mean time you can always email us and let us know you have made plans to get naked and we will email you when we are here…it’s always a good way to open the lines of communication after making an appointment through the office.

    3. I am not quite certain on where you are going with Hungry Hungry Hippo…but it is definitely a fabulous game, and super fun to play! LOL! Perhaps you should email me personally to elaborate on the specific details…


    a couple more questions

    4. is it fine to order just water at the bar or is the bartender not going to serve me because i don’t drink?

    5. if i arrive at 4 or 5 in the morning, will at least a few ladies be up? or do i have to message the ladies beforehand to see who doesn’t object? is a lineup at that time possible or will they stay in their rooms even if i don’t mind if they showed up in footie pajamas?

    6. is there anything i can’t ask for (besides the mandatory condoms)? what if i just wanted to play hungry hungry hippos or do p90x, can the ladies agree to something like that?

    7. similar to the previous question, what if i just wanted to take a nap for a couple of hours with a lady? can that be negotiated or will i be sent to the hotel instead?


    4 i do not see why not, or you could order soda,coffe or tea.
    5 If you wanted a party at that time of the morning I would make arrangements ahead of time. In principle, you could aks for a lineup but it might take time for the ladies on shift to get up, dressed and made up.
    6 Do not be afraid to ask for anything no matter how odd it may seem to you. The lady will let you know if it is off bounds. Some parties have no sexual activity in them.
    7 Uncertain why you would just want to literal sleep with a lady, but you can ask.


    4) On my last visit I ordered mostly water at the bar with no problems. However, I think it is still important to leave a tip for the bartender. There are a number of non-alcoholic beverages that you can order.

    5) You can always ask for a line-up and I believe that there is a fine imposed for being late to one, so it is in the best interest of the ladies to show up. That being said, it is my impression that most of the ladies do not particularly enjoy line-ups for several reasons and I could imagine how much extra work it must be to get ready at that time of the morning.

    If you will not be in any kind of a rush, maybe you’d consider having breakfast in the bar, checking out the profiles of the ladies scheduled that day on the TV, and inquire to meet the ones that interest you. That will inconvenience far less ladies and give you the opportunity to gauge the potential chemistry you have with some of them.

    6) If you do not ask the answer will always be no, so as long as you are not being disrespectful in attempting to negotiate obvious restrictions (for example, sex without a condom,) the ladies should be understanding of your inquires and tell you if it is not something they offer and, if not, may refer you to somebody who does.

    7) Like Flint stated, some parties do not have any sexual activity so playing games, napping or simply hanging out with a lady doesn’t seem to be completely out of the question. I have thought about planning a party like that myself, particularly sleeping with a lady in the literal sense or playing a game together. I think both would be really nice, and waking up next to a beautiful woman would be a blissful, oxytocin-filled experience regardless if you had sex with her beforehand.

    I hope you enjoy your time at Sheri’s!


    Hi @brbp90x,

    4. If all you want to drink is water that is completely up to you; the bartender will not turn you away if you only order water. In fact she may even offer you the option of bottled or tap 😉

    5. Technically since we are on shifts there will be ladies available, but keep in mind that we do sleep sometimes 😉 I don’t entirely recommend lineups during that time, but what I would recommend is to email a few ladies and then make an appointment with one of them. This way the lady you choose is prepared and ready to play hungry hungry hippos with you and not half asleep 😉

    6. Well you can certainly ask for anything…the worst answer you’ll get is a no 😉 As long as we play hungry hungry hippos before p90x then I’m down, because I will be way too exhausted to play hungry hungry hippos after p90x 😉

    7. You will not be sent to your hotel room 😉 There will be no time outs unless maybe we go into the classroom in Playland 🙂 If you just want to take a nap then we could negotiate that…or if you want to play hungry hungry hippos, or twister, or clue, or pictionary, or Wii….then we could do any of those things. It really is up to you and what you want to do! 😉


    Hey brbp90x, looks like the other posters pretty well have your most recent questions answered. And interestingly enough on #7 there was recently some conversation on Twitter among several ladies about napping while at the ranch, I jokingly offered to negotiate a napping party at the time and I don’t think you would have any issues finding someone to take you up on that offer. As for #5, I wouldn’t recommend a lineup at that hour, preferably setup an appointment ahead of time or wait until a more reasonable hour and the ladies will be more welcoming.

    John Doe

    This wake up sex in question #7 sounds great unless you’re in prison.


    Hmmmm I did not think about wakeup sex, but it sounds good.

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