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    Well, I must also apologize to the lovely lady Char for being delinguent on posting; but being my friend I know she understands. I payed the hugely sexy Char a surprise visit a while back as noted in a previous post. Well, guess what; she took me to Playland! Wow, as noted previously; what a place. In reality we need a big, I mean big, group session in there. 🙂 Well, first Char played secretary for me. She isn’t the greatest typist, but everything went well. Damn, if she was only my real secretary! Then we spent some time in the awsome chair in the living room. I think we left a few wet spots there. We didn’t go into the classroom, but her and I would love to teach sex education to a large class; and I mean how to do it right! Yes, used the bed some and spent time in the hot tub and sauna. We then finished the night off in the King Arthur bungalow with a nice romantic couple of hours. Thank you again my dear for a hot, sexy, erotic, fun, mind-blowing, you/me experience. Love ya! CB

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