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    This is an extended version of the review I plan to submit to the website.

    A few months back, I decided to celebrate my 50th with a trip to Sheri’s. I emailed some of the ladies and established a great rapport with Amber Lynn. Over the ensuing time, we discussed party ideas and other topics of interest and got to know each other better. (For newbies, I cannot stress how helpful the email connection was in making the visit a relaxed experience. I highly recommend this route). A party was set for late at night, (11:30 pm), so as to see in the birthday with a bang, both literally and figuratively. This is another thing I recommend, make a reservation with your lady of choice.

    As I would be arriving by limousine before noon the day of the party, Amber and I agreed to meet in the bar around 1 PM. I arrived and was led to a booth to await her arrival. In she came, with a beautiful black outfit on that highlighted her curves, (GREAT curves too!), high heels and a killer smile. We sat in the booth for quite a while chatting, laughing and having a great time. She has this little sideways glance that just melts you….you WILL be captivated and quickly under her spell.

    We then adjourned for a short tour and a visit to her room for negotiations and the DC. this was handled easily and a bungalow party was agreed. We then went to the office to get the business side out of the way so that, once the time came, as Amber put it, “clothes can go flying!” As it was my birthday, Amber filled out the paperwork and did not let me know what bungalow we would be in, saving it for a surprise. We then returned to the bar and spent a little more time together before parting to rest and nap and await the party time.

    At 11:30 PM I entered the bar and Amber Lynn was sitting with a few of the other girls, who she introduced me to, and we left out for our bungalow. Her choice of bungalow was the King Arthur Suite, a perfect choice, because Queen Amber Lynn sure treated me like a king!

    What happened in that bungalow will stay between Amber Lynn and myself, but I will say that we had fun, we laughed, we had a joyously intimate encounter. I must also say, the lady has skills, serious skills!

    After our party we walked out to the sidewalk, where we had to part, her to her room, me to m hotel room. We hugged, said our good-nights and went out separate ways for a good nights sleep.

    Amber Lynn is known as the Fabulous Amber Lynn, and she absolutely lives up to that name. I will remember our time together always and I cannot thank you enough Miss Amber Lynn for our time together.

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    Thanks for the review. i must think about having birthday sex at the Ranch.


    I noticed that my review was linked via Twitter by the SR twitter feed. How cool! even has a quote over a picture. What I want to know is where did that picture come from? I have never seen it.

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