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    Big LA Dodger Fan

    First these thoughts, images, and feelings are all very new for me and therefore still in formation. Second, sometimes I am not sure how to distinguish what is Kinky and what is a Fetish so I am not even going to try here. Third, I am not sure what provoked what I am about to write about but I like it very much.

    Cinching: I have found myself very interested in Corsets but only those with laces requiring them to be tightened and then tied. This is NOT about narrowing a woman’s waist for me but rather having my lover comforted by being secured by her lover. I am NOT interested in doing this to the point of pain but ONLY to the point when my Lover says that she feels secure and comfortable. I guess I would say this is the way I would like to tie a woman up. This has lead me to also look a styles of women’s shoes and/or boots involving somewhat complicated and detailed buckling or lacings, either up to the ankle or even to the knees. Again, this is about making sure my Lover is Securely Cinched into her footwear. The act of buckling or getting her laces just right and securely tied is very exciting; I love the details involved and the time it takes to do her shoes and corset. I see these as demonstrating my care and respect for my Lover.

    Branding or Marking: as I have thought about the above, I have found myself wondering what my lover could do to reciprocate as I would look ridiculous in a Corset and Heels, LOL. I realized that what I wanted was very different: I want my Lover to Brand or Mark me in some way. Of course the traditional way—and I like traditional—would be for my Lover to mark me with a Hickey, preferably in a visible spot so that I could proudly display such a marking or wounding. This is a Mark or Brand that would need be renewed—Love that. The other way of marking would be to have my Lover press her finger nail(s) into me. This really excites me and momentarily I thought that maybe I invented it, LOL. But I did wonder if there was some tradition of this as I did not really think I was that original and in fact based on my superficial research so far, there is an entire chapter on using fingernails to mark someone in the Kama Sutra. There is even a tradition of how to trim the nails to make certain marks in the skin and these different marks can on their own have meaning and can be combined to create other meanings. Of course a couple could come up with their own Code or Alphabet. As with the Hickey, I would take great pride in being branded and marked in this way somewhere obvious and I find the fact that it would also need to be constantly renewed very exciting, probably in a different style to communicate my Lover’s feelings at the time of her marking me.

    With both the Cinching and Branding I think they are very Raw and Primitive, Tribal perhaps: I like this quality very much. To me they are also very physical ways of expressing affection and intimacy. MMMMMMMMM

    I am much clearer about my Hair Fetish and don’t think of it is Kinky. I call it my Sweet Obsession. I think that a Woman’s Hair is her Crown and I would Love to brush or comb a woman’s hair. I like to see hair worn up, down, and in a Pony Tail and one of the reasons I like to be on the bottom is so I can feel my lover’s hair brushing my face. If my Lover has her hair up or in a Pony Tail, I love seeing the little Princess Curls on the back of her neck and love kissing her neck. If her hair is up, at some point I will ask/beg for her to permit to slowly take it down and then brush or comb it.

    Dear Courtesans of Sheri’s I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about my these desires, especially how to deepen and/or expand on them.


    Hi there Big LA Dodger Fan!
    You have so many interesting fetishes that I’m sure a few of us ladies (myself included) can fulfill, either individually or as a group effort within a few days here at Sheri’s. My best advice for you would be to find a lover or three that you would like to fulfill these fantasies for you and email them privately (olivia@sherisranch.com) so you can go deeper into detail about what you have in mind for your experience.. Those lovers you choose can let you know if they are comfortable with what you are asking and you can set a date for when you will come in and enjoy yourself fully! I, myself, am very comfortable with the hair fetish and the cinching.. I have been doing some waist training recently and can go for hours in a snug corset.. I hope this was a bit helpful for you, I am very open to new fetishes and would love to experience one, a few or all of these with you.
    Xo Olivia

    Amber Lynn

    As you may already know Sheri’s is defiantly like “Disney” for adults! Thus, your options are limitless…if you have an ideal fantasy and/or fetish most of us sexy gals would love to make it a reality. Just remember some gals are a bit vanilla, while others tend to be more rocky road with sprinkles…more willing to explore with you. That being said I would suggest taking some time to check out the ladies profiles, and read their reviews in depth and find a few gals to correspond with. Some of us (like myself)are incredibly creative so if you email us (me) we can start the brainstorming process together, ensuring the best possible experience!

    Added bonus…I am a pretty sassy gal with beautiful long blonde locks, a closet full of sexy shoes, and a few corsets too! Perhaps between me and my sexy “bestie” Olivia we can tackle these three fetishes together…

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    You’re one kinky man! I love it! There is definitely a plethora of sexy chicks that would love to join your wild side 🙂 good luck!

    Charina Lee

    Allisa, Amber and Olivia are very sexy courtesans and I am sure they would enjoy your ideas. I’m very impressed with your ideas because you took the time to explain the mental and emotional meaning behind marking, cinching, hair brushing, etc.

    I would be very interested in exploring all of your ideas. But I must say, I love hair play. I love to have my hair up in a bun and the expression on a lovers face when they see how long and soft my hair is. There is nothing like having a lover slowly and meticulously brush my hair. It feels like heaven to me and is so relaxing, yet invigorating at the same time.

    You love being on the bottom….well I LOVE being on top. Maybe its the sense of control I feel when I’m on top. I orgasm so easily and so many times when on top. And stroking your face and chest with my long soft wonderfully smelling hair would be an extra turn on.

    Oh my! This really is exciting.


    Big LA Dodger Fan

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, wow Charina, I love your Style. Let’s plan on some GFE fun exactly as you describe it, and please I want your hair up exactly like in your new photos!

    I am not sure why but feeling a woman’s full weight on me is very erotic and in your case the thought of your beautiful full breasts and nipples pressing into my chest takes my breath away. Whew.

    Charina Lee

    Well thank you Big LA Dodger Fan!!!! Believe me….my nipples will reach you well in advance of my breasts! They get quite long when excited!!!!!


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