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    Not long ago I returned to the ranch for a visit. I decided to visit the bar first and unwind from a long and stressful day.
    I was approached by the house manager and at that moment I was also dealing with my boss (on phone/text).
    For near on 2 hrs I had 3 beers and not one lady approahed me to say hello or ask if I was okay. True, I had a bad stress filled day’ nd my boss was on me to locate some unusual items. But I really needed some stress relief.
    Decided to take a break and went next door where I spoke with a few ladies (none really caught my eye) I returned to Sheris to find nothing changed.
    I was given the cold shoulder and made to feel unwanted by all but the bartender.


    Sorry to hear of your report mrpaul….. I have never had such an experience at SR and unless the Ladies thought you wanted to be left alone or they thought you were only there for the bar, I have never even seen that type of thing. Ladies are always friendly and approachable at SR in my (and all the guys I have seen there) experience. Also though, cellphone / text use is strictly forbidden while in the bar area at SR is my understanding so that part of the story seems atypical.


    sorry about that mrpaul. I have not had that problem before.


    Mr Paul,
    I’m sorry your brothel experience was less enjoyable than anticipated. I’m not privy to the particular problem that day, but Sheri’s Courtesans are consistently extremely sociable because they are in the brothel business. They don’t make any money unless they fraternize with the patrons and provide sex parties. However, if a client sends vibes that they are in an irritable mood, Courtesans may shy away from them until they are invited into their space.

    There’s a specific rule regarding cell phones at most all Nevada brothels. Patrons are not allowed to have their cell phones or cameras out, in view or in their hands inside Sheri’s Ranch for the protection of Courtesans and other clients since people have been known to take videos or still pictures without permission which is prohibited. Texting or talking on a cell phone is only permitted outside the building.

    The hostess will usually ask clients upon entering if they have an appointment, or wish to talk to the Ladies available or a specific Courtesan. If a hostess isn’t available, busy with other duties or doesn’t ask for some reason, the client should ask the bartender or hostess to send Courtesans to their table at certain intervals for an introduction. I guarantee that Sheri’s Courtesans were not intentionally ignoring you.


    When I arrived I did speak with the hostess. While at bar I continued to recieve text messages and at no time was I told by anyone (hostess, bartender, ladies or anyone else) that having my phone was an issue.
    When I needed to make a phone call I informed the bartender and I went outside.
    It is possible that when I arrived I may have seemed upset. (Had a really bad day afterall).
    When I returned from next door. A new hostess did inform me that the previous hostess thought I was angry and not interested in seeing any of the ladies. I explained my situation to this new hostess and assured her I was not angry. And nothing changed.
    I have been to Sheris several times and have never had any issues. But on this visit I was left out in the cold.
    I can’t lay blame on ladies I do however think the first hostess should have talked to me a bit more and she would have understood that I had a bad day, wanted a drink to unwind and have some friendly conversation (to get my mind off my days issues) and maybe if things clicked I likely would have gone farther. But she (supposedly) informed the ladies I was angry and to leave me alone.

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