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    OK, here’s the deal. I came to Sheri’s a couple of weeks ago a really rare bird. I’m 62 years old and until the night I arrived I had never had sex. Yep, you heard it right, a “Sixty-Two Year Old Virgin”. I laughed(sort of) when that movie came out a few years ago. I had been watching and reading virtually everything on the Sheri’s website for about two years. Also, I began saving because I knew what I wanted to do would be expensive. I decided if I was going to “jump into the pool” it would be from the high board. Over the last six months I exchanged e-mails with several ladies(all incredibly nice and willing to tell me almost anything). I narrowed my choices to three and made appointments with each of them. Was I scared when the time arrived? You bet your ass I was. I couldn’t decide which of the three ladies I wanted to be my “first” so I literally drew names from a hat. It really didn’t matter because they were all really my “first. I had purposely picked ladies of what, I thought, had three completely different styles. Well, let me say my plan worked beyond anything I could imagine. All three ladies were incredible, each in a different way. I left each “party”(don’t really like that term but when in Rome….)feeling kind of weak in the knees. I spent a lot of time in the bar(Marci is “da bomb”)and got to meet a lot of really nice people. The upshot of this long story is I left Sheri’s a VERY satisfied customer and finally got a huge monkey off my back. Kudos to all.



    Congratulations on a very successful first trip to the Ranch. What you revealed of your experience is very interesting. If you care to share, I would like to hear more, but please don’t take this as a demand or challenge. Maybe you could give more details in the “Share an Experience” section of this Forum or post individual reviews on the personal profile page of each lady. You could tell us about the three ladies you shared intimate time with. What were the three different styles you perceived the ladies would have? Were you able to stay within the budget you had saved over a long period of time? Whatever you want to share. You have a unique perspective on the first time experience at a brothel.

    Best regards,


    🙂 Jazzy-jazz…..it was great having you with us and getting to know you. :)))))


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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