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    Sorry if this is overkill. I posted this in the reviews for Perla but thought it appropriate to put it here as well.

    I had the pleasure of spending time with the very beautiful Perla last week and it will not be a an experience I will soon forget. I do not consider myself a very good writer so I hope I do Perla justice. This was my first time to a brothel and like many others that have posted reviews I was very nervous. I spent a lot of time researching all the women but I kept coming back to Perla. Knowing that I was going to be in Las Vegas when she was I finally got the nerve to email her. From her first reply I could sense her fun playful nature and I knew I had made the right choose.

    I scheduled our appointment and then spent the next couple of weeks waiting. As I waited all I could think about was what I time together was going to be like. When the day finally arrived meeting her was all I could think about.

    Upon arriving I was led to the parlor to wait for Perla and when she walked in I was completely blown away with how beautiful she is. Of course I knew she was beautiful all ready but I am talking about the beauty that radiates through one’s personality and soul. She greeted me with a big smile and hug. She asked if I wanted to go to the bar for a drink and to talk but all I could think about was how quickly I could start spending time with her. She gave me the tour and then off to her room to talk business. Funny thing was it did not feel like business. Just a very comfortable chat about what I wanted. The negotiations went quickly and I decided on two-hour party in the 60’s Bungalow. The Bungalow is the way to go. More room and a lot more private

    Perla took great care of me and I had more fun than I could have imagined. I had kind of fantasized what the day was going to be like before I got to Sheri’s but I am telling you the experience was ten times better than anything I could have thought of. To go along with how beautiful and sexy!! she is Perla is one of the most positive people I have ever met. I truly believe I could have spent the entire two hours just talking to her. Of course we didn’t 😉 but that is between me, Perla and the walls of the Bungalow. I never felt rushed and she treated me like a king.

    Sorry for rambling. If you get a chance to go to Sheri’s, my vote would be for you to spend time with Perla!!

    Perla, I can never thank you enough for the great time and conversation. I think of you often and hope to be able to return to Sheri’s in the near future.

    Take care



    welcome, Bob. This level of detail is not overkill.


    Thanks Flint. I think overkill may have been the wrong choose of words. I was just so happy with my party that I wanted to have the review on both her personal reviews and here as well.

    Thanks again for the welcome

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