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    A new article claims the G-spot does not exist and neither do vaginal orgasms. I have read previous articles that claim there are three different types of orgasms that women can experience which are vaginal, clitoral and the G-spot. The article found via the link doesn’t expand on the reasons orgasms are achieved by women through vaginal intercourse and the G-spot, but I have also read a supporting argument that it is because of indirect stimulation of the clitoris felt through the vaginal walls.

    So far, I’m leaning towards agreement that they do not really exist but instead achieved only through proper direct or indirect stimulation of the clitoris. I have read that the different types of orgasm yield different results in the feeling and dynamic of orgasm for a woman. I have discovered through my own practices of self-pleasuring that an orgasm can feel different depending on the areas stimulated. For instance, there is a different feeling when the prostate is incorporated during an orgasm than occurs when focusing solely on the glands on the penis. However, I doubt I could reach an orgasm through prostate stimulation alone.

    More evidence is that a woman’s clitoris is just on the other side of her vagina whereas there is no opposing part on the penis to indirectly stimulate the glands below the head. Furthermore, a woman has about double the nerve endings in her clitoris compared to the nerve endings below the head of a male’s penis (8,000 to 4,000, respectively).

    I’d like to know what the women at Sheri’s think. Are there really different orgasms achieved through stimulation of various areas, or do all orgasms occur because the clitoris is being stimulated either directly or indirectly?



    How does a single article like that prove or disprove anything?


    There have been G-Spot dissenters and believers for centuries. The 17th-century Dutch physician Regnier de Graaf described female ejaculation and referred to an erogenous zone in the vagina that he linked with the male prostate; this zone was later reported by the German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg. Coinage of the term G-spot has been credited to Addiego et al. in 1981, named after Gräfenberg, and to Alice Kahn Ladas and Beverly Whipple et al. in 1982. Gräfenberg’s 1940s research, however, was dedicated to urethral stimulation; Gräfenberg stated, “An erotic zone always could be demonstrated on the anterior wall of the vagina along the course of the urethra”. The concept of the G-spot entered popular culture with the 1982 publication of The G Spot and Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality by Ladas, Whipple and Perry, but it was criticized immediately by gynecologists: some of them denied its existence as the absence of arousal made it less likely to observe, and autopsy studies did not report it.

    I’ve read many articles on this subject too. It’s my interpretation that there are actually two different types of female orgasms which are clitoral and G-Spot. I believe a woman may only experience a so called vaginal orgasm if either the clitoris or G-Spot is stimulated in the process. The G-Spot is definitely not an extension of the clitoris because it is concluded by many sources that the bean shaped lumpy area about two inches inside on the front wall of the vagina is actually the urethral sponge which is referred to as the G-Spot. The G-Spot can’t be felt until a woman is sexually aroused or stimulated and the Urethral Sponge becomes engorged.

    Sometimes while performing cunnilingus I will alternately switch from licking the clitoris to extending my tongue inside a Lady’s vagina to essentially tongue massage her G-Spot and it’s definitely a different sensation. Of course that’s not possible at a brothel since a dental dam must be utilized.

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    Jeremy Lemur

    Well I certainly never found it…



    I think there is a g-spot! My curved vibrator does wonders. 😉


    Well, Flint, the source cited in the article is the Clinical Journal, which appears to be a peer reviewed medical journal covering anatomy. This is also the second article I’ve recently read on the subject so I find it plausible and interesting. I, too, am not 100% convinced at this time, so I’d like to hear what others think.

    Interesting history and information you presented, Firefighter.

    Poor Jeremy… 🙁 But you’ve never found it YET! 🙂

    Thank you for your input, Akira. I don’t doubt there is a G-spot, but I’m wondering, does it serve it’s own orgasm our do you think that your vibrator on the G-spot also serves to stimulate the clitoris? Where does the feeling of climax occur?


    A peer reviewed journal adds credibility to the paper


    Jeremy Lemur replied, Well I certainly never found it…

    The following videos convey basic instructions on how to perform a G-Spot massage. I have practiced this procedure numerous times on different Ladies and it has often resulted in squirting orgasms. The real life models in the last two videos definitely aren’t exceptional beauties, but that will make it much easier to pay full attention to the instructor. 😉

    G-Spot Stimulation Simulation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYVuSg6F_1c

    How to Give Women Squirting Orgasms: http://www.redtube.com/15878

    How to Perform Female Ejaculation: http://www.redtube.com/336612


    I don’t know Firefighter…both the girls were pretty cute. Great videos, though. Very informative and definitely something I’m going to have to try some time.


    Wow, the second video is amazing. I thought I knew something about massage and sex, but I did not know this was possible. I would love to hear what you women think about this. I know that you all are very wise about the possibilities of sex. The guy did say that what he did was a culmination of weeks of massage, of sensuality training. I was uncomfortable with the girl being so young and not seeming to speak English, and with him being so paternalistic. But boy, she sure was happy!!


    BS it doesn’t exist! LOL. Very real. :))))))))))



    I’m a believer now. I think I found it while engaging in the 69 position. With the help of Firefighter’s videos, the girl had to keep stopping from pleasing me. So thank you, Firefighter. I think that’s proof enough for me.


    The title of this post is a bit misleading…If you read the article, it’s not denying the existence of the G-spot, it’s just suggesting that the nomenclature, or classification of it as a separate organ is inaccurate.

    Their research indicates that the G-spot may actually be an interior portion of the clitoris, thus making orgasms stimulated by either the visible clitoris, or the g-spot/clitoral regions, both “clitoral” orgasms (as opposed to vaginal ones). Look at the diagrams showing the clitoral tissues…the visible part is just the tip of the iceberg! (So to speak 😉 )

    But who cares how orgasms are labelled, just as long as they are happening, no?!

    Oh and YES, Char’s “G-spot” does exist, and it most definitely works :)))


    @YB_Goode It is misleading but a good attention grabber and consistent with the title of the article. And you’re right, the subject is exactly how you say it is. As long as they are happening, it matters little, but I think it’s good to know how things work to ensure they do happen. 🙂


    Functionally it may not matter as to the labeling but for understanding physicological responses it would.

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