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    I’m sure these have been asked before, but I looked back several pages and didn’t see them.

    If I have a reservation, does it matter which door I go in?

    When I want to leave, do I arrange the limo with someone at the door, or just walk outside and wait for a driver?

    Regarding the party itself (obviously it depends on the lady, but generally speaking): Let’s say I book a certain length of time– is it understood that I’m paying for one orgasm and then cuddling and chit-chat to run out the clock, or do the ladies allow multiple orgasms in the time frame (if negotiated ahead of time, obviously)?

    Also, does the time you’ve negotiated start immediately (like before the client takes a shower), or does it start when the action starts?

    I know I could ask these when I’m actually there, but I’m someone who likes to know everything I can beforehand. Thanks.


    welcome, Matt.
    If you have a reservation, you go in the main door, not the one to the bar.
    When you are finished, the hostess and/or lady will notify the driver. You are likely to wait in the lobby for him.
    Each lady has here own scale. You are paying for duration, activities, orgasms, etc.
    parties usually start on the onset of activities, not negotiation or paying.
    Hope this has helped.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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