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    Are any of the Courtesan’s considering using the Periscope app so that you can post real time videos and communicate with your followers. It would be cool.


    I would think it is not allowed while the ladies are at the Ranch.


    I think that’s a great idea Gorilla, the ladies are always posting on social media while in the bar and at the Ranch in general so I don’t know why it couldn’t happen. The obstacles I see are: 1) Would have limitations in the bar not being able to show guests or other courtesans who don’t show their faces online, 2) The internet connection may not support a great video stream, but I know some of the ladies watch Netflix so this may not be an issue anymore.


    I think using Periscope is a great idea! I know Suicide Girls has a regular Periscope broadcast. I agree that broadcasting in the bar itself wouldn’t be a great idea – for the lighting alone, let alone the other possible issues. If the girls were on the wifi and broadcast from the pool, parlor, or any number of other places it could be a really fun way to share a little snippet of brothel life!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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