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    Dear Extraordinary Madam,
    I will try to explain the
    the quality of your reign
    But your beauty is hard to fathom.

    Your cheeks are naturally rosy and flushed.
    Or is that because we ignore
    “All available ladies to the bar!”

    Your gorgeous brown hair is perfectly coifed.
    Not one gray hair, not even after we composed
    A sign for the parlor door
    Saying, “Beat it yourself! We’re closed.”

    You should be treated like a world class procuress,
    But sometimes it must feel like you’re just the driver of the short bus.

    Your eyes sparkle.
    Your patience is remarkable.
    Your sweetness is disarming,
    Especially to pimps who don’t reckon
    You are actually a small tactical nuclear weapon.

    Happy birthday to you!
    You live in a zoo.
    We are a bunch of monkeys
    Who really love you!

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