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    Gorgeous Olivia, this is no trivia.
    Your legs are long, perfect, and pretty
    Your humor is witty
    Your face divine
    When men see you, they go to cloud nine
    If Allissa stalks me again
    I know you’ll tell her to refrain
    And if the chupacabra tries to get you
    I’ll tell him he’s a super chorro


    I absolutely LOVE this!!! You made my day 🙂 Thank you so much!!! And don’t worry, if Allissa stalks you or magically appears in your bed, I’ll come to your rescue.. Can’t promise we won’t be a little naughty at first, but at some point we’ll leave you alone! As far as that damn chupacabra… Well.. It’s a good thing we’re runners!! 🙂


    To the Beautiful Olivia and Witty Tatyana
    If there was a chance to threesome,
    Would you ever wanna?

    I’m in Room 2, just beyond the parlor
    If it’s too small or too close
    We could party in another room farther

    Perhaps the Landshark Hot tub or Bubble Bath Room
    It could get quite foamy
    And it could happen really soon

    I’ll have my bathing suit close
    Until my dream comes true
    Just for the chance
    To party with you!




    Oh Juna!! 🙂
    A threesome with you and Tatyana, is that even a question?! Of course! I don’t have a bathing suit but let’s be honest, I doubt any clothes will stay on for too long with the three of us together! I say we make my fantasy come true in B6 with a shower “scene” but we need a couple more girls that I have in mind and of course a lucky guy that wants to fulfill this for me (or better yet, us!)
    Hopefully one day… 🙂

    Kellie Love

    Are you ladies preparing for Valentine’s day with all of this serenading going on?? 😉



    I’ve tried to restrain from the stalking… And no fair Juna you better make this a foursome!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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