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    I’m hoping to visit Sheri’s at some point in the near future. Without getting into specifics, I was wondering if any guys ever come in just looking for someone to have a bite to eat with, get close on a couch for a movie, and fall asleep next to for an evening – in other words, no actual penetration or climax…

    And I realize that talking about prices is a no-no, but if possible, would any of you be able to give me an idea of where a service like this would fall on the spectrum compared to the other services provided on the sex menu? Upper end? Lower end? In between?


    You are talking about a GFE party. Search on what the ladies cater to. the party cost would depend on the length of your party and wheer you would have it.


    He is right. It is called the Girlfriend Experience. You can wine and dine one of the ladies here and enjoy their company. We do have a bungalow for that kind of fun. You and the lady will first have to negotiate what would happen between you two and go on from there. It’s romantic and I am sure you will have a wonderful experience with one of us ladies if you go through with that decision.


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    Awe… REDBEARD DARLING!! so many brilliant ways to spend the time here. Most important search the Weekly line up and email a few different Models and see which one of us that you might have great conversation with as well You know REDBEARD, you are looking to find similar things in common.
    I agree with ANDREA RAQUEL and Flint! Sweetie! There are so so many more journeys to embark on at our lovely Resort of Sheri’s ranch. We have the Bubble bath room too!
    And that is such a beautiful setting bubbles flying from the celling listing to some soft Jazz or classical music wile soaking in a nice Jacuzzi Tub, drinking vino.. Awe.


    I admit tha I have not planned a GFE party without any sexual activity. perhaps someday……


    Welcome Redbeard, I don’t think you’re alone in not looking for penetration or climax in your party, I recall reading in one of the blog posts that more customers come in for that type of party than you would expect. While the lack of penetration might lower your party cost, it sounds like you are looking for a fairly long party, so it may put your cost back toward the upper end.

    Angel Parr

    Hello Redbeard,
    As the others have stated you are simply looking for the GFE party, and you are far from alone with that. If you read a few posts on here you will find that in all actualities around 50-70 percent of the parties that take place here do not end in sex. It is very normal that a gentleman comes here just to feel a woman’s body against his as they watch a good movie and cuddle. We are here for you sweetie, whatever you can dream we can find someone to do, if you just want to be with someone who can make you feel special for the day, then I would love to be your cuddle buddy!

    As far as pricing goes, its really up to what kind of a party you would like. If you would like to just lay in my bed and watch whatever’s on the TV for a bit then it would be a significantly lower end party. If you want to full girlfriend treatment then we have a room dedicated to just that in our Playland. If we go out there then we can start off splashing and swimming around in a huge hot tub until we’re prunes, then clean the chlorine off together in the massive, open style shower room. Once we are all clean then I can take you to the massage room and put my licensed masseuse hands to work on any thing the hot tub didn’t loosen up already. When your completely relaxed then we slip on our comfy robes and head to the GFE room, where we dim the lights and put on a scary movie so I can cuddle up next to you and you can hold me when the scary parts come, feed each other popcorn and candy, whilst enjoying a bottle of Champagne or a few cocktails. When the movies done then we can play Wi, in the nude of course, until we run out of energy. If you do this, it becomes the higher end of things because you are there for multiple hours, and we have so many options!

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