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    I was wondering what the ladies thoughts and attitudes are towards married men visiting the brothel?
    Do you prefer not to know or do the ladies like honesty?

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    I imagine the most important lady’s thoughts would be the wife’s.


    Many married men frequent brothels for many different reasons. It may be that a man likes the variety of making love to several different women who intensely infatuate and arouse him or maybe because a Courtesan will pleasure a man with certain lovemaking techniques, positions, etcetera that his wife doesn’t wish to explore. Also, a Courtesan can make a man’s fantasies that aren’t indulged at home be fulfilled at a brothel. I believe that honesty is usually the best policy; if men divulge their true feelings and desires a Courtesan will understand more completely and be attuned to their sexual cravings or fetishes. In this way a Courtesan will be able to ignite that fire of ultimate passion.


    Thanks firefighter, I guess everyone has there own unique reasons.


    I have found when dealing with a courtesan it is best to stay with the honest truth. after all you are trying to get these ladies to provide you with a service and the best way to get the most for your $$ is to start with honesty and truthfulness.
    I am sure most courtesans don’t care if your married or not. but some might. being honest with them and they will be honest with you.

    Just my opinion.


    Courtesans dont really care if your married or not! but if you think your wife may go nuts on the brothel or the girls then you might want to say something up front.


    The great thing about brothels is they are discreet. You don’t have to tell us if you don’t want to, not because we don’t care but it is your personal business and there are a lot of married men that do visit us. Doing your business in a brothel leaves no room for mixed intentions and we both know what you come for and we won’t call you the next day, sounds like a deal to me 🙂 I hear from wife’s of couples that play here, they agree and feel more comfortable knowing that what happens at Sheri’s stays at Sheri’s!


    I always have enjoyed knowing someone has a significant other. To me the naughtiness is a turn on 🙂 Just remember to keep your ring on, because going home with out is is a big no no.

    Eva M

    Hi jitsu, I’m Eva and my job as a courtesan is to look at the person & not the labels. Whatever the reasons for coming to the brothel I am there to assist and not judge. My goal is to help make you feel good about your time at Sheri’s, whatever that may be. If I can’t make that happen then I will gladly refer a lady that can.


    Thanks for all the great responses. Especially from the ladies.
    Well it’s settled then, I have my plane tickets now and I will defiantly be making the trip out to the ranch.
    Now the big question is how to choose with so many beautiful ladies?

    Charina Lee

    Jitsu; the ladies here are truly amazing! You’re going to leave with a big smile on your face I’m sure!!!!

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