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    I am a bisexual female and my partner is male, we were wondering a few things.

    1. I know you have girl on girl shows, but my question is could a lady and I play while he watches? That’s something we are both very interested in but I was sure if it would be allowed.

    2. Are threesomes Their own thing or can it incorporate other fetishes (role play for example)?


    1 sure, but it depends on the lady.
    2 you can add to basic two girl parties. Again, email or tweet prospective ladies.
    if your budget permits, start with 1 and progress into 2.


    My wife and I went to Sheri’s and had a threesome. The first part of our time was watching my wife and Juna (who is amazing and gorgeous by the way) together and then I joined in later. It was an incredible experience so I think you will have no problem finding a lady who will allow your significant other to watch.

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    johnzie sounds like you and your wife had a good time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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