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    (Okay, so I probably only feel like I’m the oldest virgin on the planet! Still, I’ve reached an age where my virginity — once a conscious choice, now a noose around my neck — is ruining my chances at nurturing healthy relationships with women. So many women I’ve dated recently seem to judge me as unworthy boyfriend material because of my inexperience.)

    I just have a few questions.

    – I’m planning on committing to about a nine hour drive to get there. My plan is to rest up at the hotel and clean up before partying. But, I will probably be arriving at the complex late at night (likely after 2AM.) Can I check-in to the hotel 24/7?

    – And, can I enter the Bar to meet the ladies the night before I’d be interested in partying with them, to get to know them and to arrange the service in advance? Does simply entering the Bar commit myself to partying — and/or spending a certain minimum amount — that night?

    – When negotiating prices with a lady, can I divide the total sum we agree upon between multiple forms of payment?

    – Are there specific ladies who the staff generally recommends to party with virgins? On the flip side, are there specific ladies who would refuse to party with a virgin? Is this something I should mention right away when chatting at the bar?


    Hello Spades. Your final set of questions are extremely easy to answer. First I have never heard of any lady at Sheri’s who would refuse a party because you are a virgin but I suggest that you look at the profiles of ladies who are scheduled to be at the Ranch when you plan to be there and find out which ladies cater to parties with virgins (and trust me there are a number of them.) Also, definitely mention the fact you are a virgin to every lady who you meet in the bar, I think you’ll be very happily surprised by their reactions. This is something that in hinesight I really wish I had done when I gave up my V-card at the Ranch at age 58.


    Welcome to the board Spades, you’ve picked the perfect place to lose your V card. I did the same thing a couple days before my 30th and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

    On to your questions: I’m pretty sure you can check in anytime as the Ranch is open 24/7. You can most definitely enter the bar before partying with a lady and I highly encourage you to, it doesn’t commit you to partying or spending anything. It is merely a great environment to visit with and get to know the ladies. I believe you can split up the payments, but you should be able to confirm that with the office when you check in. Have a great time, you won’t regret it!


    Welcome to the boards as well Spades! I too lost my virginity last December at the age of 30 (still am 30) and was very happy to have given up my V card. I took a different approach and instead ended up interacting with several ladies by email and ended up setting up an appointment with a wonderful lady. If you haven’t seen the blogs below, these contain very useful information. I’m sure you will have a great time as I did.






    Welcome Spades, the brothel is open 24/7. As long as someone is in the office you should be able to check in to the hotel. Highly recommend that you make a reservation for the room prior to your visit if you arriving that late. There are times when the hotel is fully booked. Entering the bar side is the way to go. It is a sports bar with sexy ladies trying to get you naked. You can eat, drink and leave with no judgement. However the ladies are so charming, you will not be leaving. It’s always better to get to know a few of the ladies before your party. Sending an introduction Email to the ladies that interest you. Follow them on Twitter. This makes it so much easier when you finally meet them in person. As far as payment, Money is money. I’ve split payment with cash and my credit card. They take all major credit cards. There are Virgin-killer on staff. Check the ladies profiles to see which ones cater to virgins. Check the schedule to see which ladies will be at the ranch during you visit, and start socializing with them. Hope this helps you out.


    Thanks for the tips, guys. I guess I’ll have to do a bit more research into the hotel situation…wouldn’t want to drive all the way out there and have no place to spend the night.

    BadDog (and Anthony), my fear with sending out Introductory E-mails is that I’ll enjoy chatting with all the ladies I reach out to…I can’t afford that many parties! It’s pretty important for me to have chemistry with the lady I choose and I really think you can only determine that in person. But if you guys had success stories with that approach maybe I should consider it.

    I know we can’t negotiate prices until we’re taken to another room with the courtesan we choose, but back at the Bar, when I’m just being introduced, can I ask questions about what activities can and cannot be included in a potential party? It’d be worth paying more $ to me if kissing was on the table, for example, but I know that’s probably a no-go with many of the ladies.

    I guess that’s the challenge with losing the V-card…I’d rather have one spectacular party than two or three pretty-good ones, but I don’t want to come across as too meticulous or demanding, and I don’t want to have unreasonable expectations of what’s possible given my budget.

    Oh, and here’s one more dumb question. Are condoms procurable on-site, or should I bring my own? Never had the need to carry one around before, so I’m embarrassingly clueless.


    Welcome to the board spades. I see that you have been given so many very good responses to your questions. I strongly encourage you to read the blogs that Anthony has graciously provided in his above responce.

    I will help you out with the hotel question though. Call 1.866.820.9100 to book a reservation into the hotel. You can check in at anytime of the night but I would suggest that when you book your room you let them know that it will be a late check in.

    Hope this helps and we look forward to meeting you!


    As for discussing party details in the bar, it depends on the lady, she might be more comfortable in one of the booths where there is a little more privacy or she may not discuss it in the bar at all.. I wouldn’t worry about being too demanding, it’s your money that you’re spending and you want to be happy with the outcome, if your requests are reasonable then the ladies will understand (even if you don’t get everything you planned). Don’t worry about the condoms, each lady has her own collection and she will pick one out for you.


    Looks like I’ll be stopping by this weekend. Hope it goes well. Wish me luck.


    So how did it go? Did you go?

    As for being 30, don’t worry. I’m a 37 year old virgin. I missed out on sexual activity all through my 20’s and most of my 30’s. You still have your 30’s. I’m in your same situation. I’m just about completely disassociated from the sexual side of living in today’s world because of my lack(absence) of experience.

    It is frustrating, embarrassing, sad, depressing, upsetting, disappointing, dismaying, and stressful that there are guys where I live(Orange County) who have sexual activity regularly. Guys in various ages including 18, 20, 24, 19, 21, 26. I’m 37 and haven’t even started yet. But I’m hanging in there and plan to go to Nevada soon. My health potential may be limited by lack of sexual activity, lack of intimacy, lack of ASMR(brain tingles), etc. Not to mention the upset and bothering thoughts from missing out during my entire 20’s. But I’m still determined to at least lose my virginity by 38. Then I’ll go from there and live with limited health potential and see what I can scrape up from this life.


    Darling, I’ve met a 50 year old virgin before…..I thinks it’s very romantic to wait until you are ready to start a new (sexual) chapter in your life. Since your other questions have been answered, I will add my two cents by saying that I ADORE being someone’s first experience. I consider it an honor and go the extra mile to make it a memory that will be fondly remembered.


    I wish i had lost my virgibity at Sheri’s….

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