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    David A.

    I’m new and my wife and I want to have a party with a lady at the ranch.

    I know that we can’t talk prices and all but I’m wondering if we could speak in general terms about the situation.

    A. If both my wife and I party with a lady does the price generally double? Since there are two people playing…

    B. What about time? Does the rate normally just get added on ‘per hour’ or is there the first initial hour and then the rate get a bit lower as hours are added on?

    C. Any feedback on how it is partying with a lady (customer) with lady (contractor) using the dental dam for oral; good/okay, etc.



    a) more than just you, but iut depends on teh aldy and waht you ahve in mind for your party
    b) more time costs more but it is dependent on the party details.
    c) i think the watchword is no exchange of fluids between the male and courtesan. I would expect the same betwenn the two ladies.


    Hi David,
    A.and B.: I’m sorry to just give you more vague answers, but it really just depends. Every lady is an independent contractor, so we all have a different way of pricing. Some go by number of people, or time, or activity, or packages. There is no set prices, so you really just have to talk to your favorite lady once you get here. Just remain open to what the courtesan can offer you for what you want to spend, and you should be able to work something out 😆

    C. Dental dams are required, but they do not interfere in any way. 😆

    I’m sorry I couldn’t give you any specifics, but hopefully this helps 🙂

    Angel Parr

    A. Every lady here is different, but most of us will increase the price significantly from a single to a couple party. It might not quite double but it will be more for most of us ladies.

    B. Once again every lady is different, but for the most part its really not done on a hour to hour basis. When you do your negotiations you will decide on a time, activity, and a room, and your price will be determined as a whole for everything.

    C. I have used them several times and in my opinion it really doesn’t take away any feeling, the only thing that changes is that you don’t feel the saliva, which is really far from important in terms of orgasum.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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