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    the 3rd degree

    This review of my recent trip to “The Lion’s Den” is brought to you by the word, “Reconnect”.

    And it would be the recurring theme of what was a hastily planned journey back to Nevada. Things at home were overwhelming me that I couldn’t think straight. What I needed was an escape & a reboot of myself. As I looked into the schedule on who will be there, I found an opportunity to meet a couple of courtesans I knew, one that I haven’t seen in over a year. So, with flight booked, accommodations set, car rented, alerting one lady that I’m coming & on 36 hours with no sleep, it’s me, myself & I back to Nevada & back to Sheri’s.

    As soon as I landed in Vegas, picked up the rental & had some lunch, I was off on my first task, surprising one lady that I’m here. Like before, I entered Sheri’s & took my usual position at the bar (sitting at the bar with my back to the jukebox). After a couple of Diet Cokes just to caffeinate myself, I was asked if there was anybody I wanted to talk to. Yes there was. I said, “Would Camille be available?”

    It would be a few minutes before Camille would enter the bar area in an all too familiar red outfit (You know the one). A “Hi” was all it took to shake me out of my lost-in-thought look. I gave Camille a “Hi” back & a hug I’ve waited eighteen months for. I also marveled at her smile, now that she’s had her braces off. It was spectacular. We sat for a few minutes talking while she was in shock that I was here. Camille was genuinely excited that I was here (That sounds familiar). We decided to talk back in her room. It turned into more of a therapy session as I unloaded what was bothering me. Camille would be as I remembered; empathetic, supporting, caring, a true angel. We did touch on a possible meetup when I check into Sheri’s later in the trip. But it was time to head back to Vegas, so I thank Camille for the brief time with her & I left.

    Unfortunately, this was the time when the big snow/rain storm that blanketed California was about to hit Southern Nevada. I thought I could beat it, but I was wrong. Trying to ascend the pass into Mountain Springs, I slid on the already slushy turned icy road, with a caravan of cars, trucks & snow plows slowly behind. I did get stuck & slightly scraped the rental. It took about 30-40 minutes before I had traction to continue & another hour before seeing just wet asphalt on the road to Vegas & my hotel for a bit. Not exactly the start I wanted, but my ranch adventures await, with a surprise even I couldn’t foresee.

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