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    Why does the SR website allow online reservation appointments with retired courtesans? Shouldn’t they delete the profiles of retired courtesans since they don’t work at SR?


    good question. Dena or Aaron?

    Angel Parr

    Well since they haven’t bit, let me put my two cents in.
    Marketing hun, Sheri’s own the ladies photos so they can keep them up for as long as they wish to, and if she has good pictures then why wouldn’t a business minded person keep them up. Once a lady no longer works here she can request them to take her page down, but if she doesn’t then its up to management if they want to keep her profile or not. In any case, if she has a page but no longer works here, then her schedule will be clear, so while she still has an appointment button on her page, its kinda hard to schedule an appointment thing a lady whom isn’t scheduled to be here….so basically, you’re just paying too close attention to minuscule things hun, don’t watch the grass grow when there’s antelope in the field, you know….


    Although this is a old thread I want to throw my two cents in.

    I’m going to split the middle here. I agree with Angel the inactive ladies are great for marketing plus you never know when they may come back, however I will agree with Hellhound that you shouldn’t be able to make an appointment with a non-scheduled lady. Honestly it’s somewhere between 30 mins and 2 hours of work to update the site to have the appointment button disabled on the ladies who are not scheduled and removed from the drop down list on the reservation page (which is almost impossible to use with so many ladies listed). Although I think the website looks great it definitely needs a tune up on the back end and this should definitely be on the list.


    I agree that you should not be able to make an appiontment with a lady that is not scheduled to appear.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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