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    I’m pretty sure when I come, I’m going to make an appointment. And I’m hoping that is soon! But I’m curious about how that works. Since negotiations about cost and length of the party happen onsite, how does Sheri’s keep from overbooking?

    Say I schedule an appointment with a lady for 4pm on a Wednesday with the intention of having a 2 hour party. What happens if someone else comes along and schedules and appointment with the same lady at 5pm? Will I be told my party can only be an hour? Or with the second person be told they will have to wait once they arrive and realize the lady they had an appointment with isn’t available at their prescheduled appointment time?

    I understand that it would be simple if 2 people tried to schedule the exact same time and day, Sheri’s could immediately let the second scheduler know the lady was unavailable at that time. But any ideas on how Sheri’s handles this other scenario?


    I do not know those details. I presume that each lady knows her schedule as well as the office. The office might let you know if the lady is unavailable for a day and starting time.
    I have booked a week ahead of time, and AFAIR, never had any problems with a one to two hour party. My advice would be to book as far ahead as you can, and inform the lady of your choice.

    Jack Daniel

    I’ve been to SR several times and watched from the bar as several people begin their first visit. If there is any way you could spend the night in their hotel (very reasonable rates, but comped if you party), I would suggest you do that. That way you aren’t rushed. You can take your time getting comfortable with it. And you can meet all the ladies and see who you best click with. Even if you don’t spend the night, I would suggest meeting them first. If you have already narrowed down to one particular lady, scheduling an appointment might work well for you. If you are thinking about 2 hours just tell them when you call for the reservation. But remember, when you talk with your lady, if you don’t click, the reservation isn’t set in stone. If you don’t feel good about it, just let the hostess know you would like to talk to some other ladies. There is always a good handful of ladies there that offer what you are looking for. I go there for a different reason than you, but I have partied with Violet and she caters to your desires. If you want to feel stress-free and laugh a lot, think about Violet. When you leave, I predict you will have a new BFF and will be thinking “I can’t believe I was so nervous”. The Ranch really is a family.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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