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    OK Ladies… I’m trying to breath some life into this forum and need some participation from all of you. What are some of the craziest requests you’ve received while working at the ranch? I’m thinking a bathtub of raspberry jello would be kinda fun 🙂

    Paloma Del Castillo

    Interesting as that sensation would be I’m not sure how you would pull that off but I agree it would be fun.
    1. Jello needs to be cold or its just liquid
    2. Raspberry jello would stain your skin and the grout around the tub
    3. Takes a while to set and become firm
    On the other hand, the Nuru Massage is a full body to body gel massage. It’s messy, slippery, amazing and so sexy! Seriously, check it out.

    We’ve sat around the bar several nights and confessed our most interesting experiences. One of the girls told the story of the gentleman that liked to kiss and worship her nose.
    Another story I enjoyed was the gentleman that wanted to watch the lady walk around her room in high heels while he watched from under her bed.

    I love fantasies and bringing them to life. There’s something wonderful about making people very happy by lifting the weight of hiding your desires because others don’t always understand.


    I would like to read about more of these.


    I would recommend asking her to interview more of the girls in regards to interesting requests clients have made in the past. She covers the topic a little but I too would love to see more.

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